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Synology announces expansion of its presence in the Brazilian market with technology …

by Ace Damon
Synology anuncia ampliação de sua presença no mercado brasileiro com tecnologia NAS

Synology has announced that it is expanding its commercial participation in the Brazilian market. The company creates network-attached storage devices and will now offer network-attached storage (NAS) service to Brazil. The technology provides data storage solutions for Enterprise File Servers, Surveillance, and Virtualization.

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The company serves both professional users, IT technicians for example, as well as individuals. It currently has more than six million installations, hundreds of partner channels and six branches worldwide, with Brazilians having a growing audience. According to company executives, the world market grew by 20% in the world market and in Brazil the rate was 90% increase.


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Ricardo Macedo, Account Manager for Brazil, says "Synology NAS can be easily accessed locally or remotely through a web browser or mobile application." There are several features that can be accessed by the company's mobile system.

The company also offers extra features such as Moments, an intelligent photo manager; There is also Storage Manager, which acts as a hard disk failure prediction application; Surveillance Station, which allows you to create a surveillance system with in-depth video analysis on models that have an integrated graphics processor. These are all extra functions that can be attached to the user package.

Synology says its NAS technology offers a better option for backing up public files in the cloud. Hybrid tools allow the user to have complete control of their data, simply and at no extra cost.

The company is in Brazil officially, which gives Brazilian users access to local warranty and technical assistance. These are important characteristics for those who want to invest in company services. It also offers project assistance, training webinar, project mapping discounts, and more.

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