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Steal wallet, coat and shoes from man who died of stroke

by Ace Damon
Steal wallet, coat and shoes from man who died of stroke

A man was robbed after his death in Madrid. The National Police is investigating the case of the victim, who died of a heart attack on the street and who was robbed of his coat, shoes, jewelry and wallet.

A 50-year-old man was robbed after a stroke in a street in Madrid's Valdebernardo de Vicálvaro neighborhood in the early hours of the 9th. The Spanish National Police believe they stole his shoes, coat, wallet the victim's jewels already after the victim has lost his life.

The man's body has been at the Forensic Anatomical Institute since last week and has not yet been identified. No person was searched for and no missing persons reported in the area.

The warning about a man lying on the street was given by a local resident who passed by. When the Municipal Police and National Police agents arrived, they called the emergency services, which confirmed that the man had died without any medical assistance.

Although very low temperatures (around 1 degree) were reported that night, the victim had no coat or shoes. I had no wallet or ID. Beside his body were pieces of what would be a bracelet he would wear on a wrist. And around his neck there were indications that a thread had been torn from him.

The autopsy confirmed that the death was not due to any act of violence, but was caused by a heart attack, which the man suffered after passing out and falling to the ground. He would have died two to three hours before the authorities arrived.

Police are now trying to determine the perpetrators of the robbery, whether they will be residents of the neighborhood or people who have passed by.

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