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'Spawn' creator says 'Joker' has made room for dark films based on …

by Ace Damon
'Spawn' creator says 'Joker' has made room for dark films based on ...

In his Instagram profile, Todd McFarlane, creator of ‘Spawn‘, said he is looking forward to the release of the highest-rated Hell Soldier reboot.

In addition, he also praised the success of "Joker", saying that Joaquin Phoenix's feature film star has allowed Hollywood to see the potential of dark comic-based movies.

In the caption he wrote:

“Yesterday I had two positive meetings about the new Spawn movie. 'Joker' let Hollywood know that dark comics-based movies are really going to work. ”

Check out:

Earlier, McFarlane had told the Comic Book that the success of "Joker" could help Spawn's new adaptation find a suitable audience.

McFarlane is trying to produce an adult-rated Hell Soldier movie, and believes there is no better time to go along with the idea.

“I hope‘ Joker ‘opens doors and looks like it will help‘ Spawn ‘. Well, I hope so, and it proves that the public wants to watch movies rated for larger. "Joker" is similar to "Spawn" for approaching society without a comic appeal, unlike "Deadpool."

Remembering that the feature will be produced by Blumhouse and will have Jamie Foxx as the title character, however, the details about the project are not defined.

For those who don't remember, ‘Spawn‘ first appeared in 1997, played by Michael J. White.

Although it was intended for larger children, it was eventually edited and released with a 13-year-old rating.


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