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Spanish Prime Minister visits Barcelona and criticizes local government leader

by Ace Damon
Spanish Prime Minister visits Barcelona and criticizes local government leader

The incumbent Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, travels to Barcelona on Monday after criticizing the regional government president of Catalonia for not firmly condemning the recent acts of violence.

"To condemn violence vehemently, to support the security forces that combat it and to avoid civil discord," writes the Spanish chief executive in a letter sent to Quim Torra stating that the president of the autonomous government has an obligation to position himself against the violent acts of the protesters.

The letter sent to Torra this Monday is the Spanish government's response to the letter from the president of the Generalitat sent to the prime minister on Saturday.

In the document, Quim Torra denied earlier allegations of lack of dialogue and blamed the prime minister for having intended, he said, "to give lessons on condemning or fighting violence."

"In response to your letter of 19 October and the public statements of the last few days, I would like to remind you that the first duty of any public official is to ensure the safety of citizens, public and private spaces," Sánchez told Torra letter.

The head of the Spanish Executive also says that the "second duty" of a public official "is to preserve coexistence among all those who make up civil society and to avoid fracturing the community.

Sánchez accuses Torra of having avoided the issue of violence in various parts of Catalonia, including events near the office of the president of the Generalitat himself.

The prime minister also says that Torra "has turned his back on the forces and security forces" that protect the public with "great professionalism by exposing themselves to great risks".

"He turned his back and ignored more than half of the Catalan population simply because they do not share their purpose, instead of behaving with the president of all Catalans," says Sánchez.

Government sources told Efe that Sánchez, who must visit the injured agents in the clashes with protesters in Barcelona, ​​will meet with state security forces and bodies responsible for security in Catalonia.

The rulings of the Supreme Court on Catalan politicians under the independence process have triggered protests in various parts of the autonomous region and have lasted since last week.



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