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Somalia: Two days after attack, 25 people still missing

by Ace Damon
Somalia: Two days after attack, 25 people still missing

Somalia's government said Monday that at least 25 people had been in unknown whereabouts for two days since a truck bomb exploded and killed more than 90 people in Mogadishu.

According to federal government spokeswoman Ismael Mukhtar, six children are among the missing. They were not identified between the dead and the more than 125 wounded.

Last Saturday's terrorist attack is the deadliest since October 2017, with at least 92 deaths – according to the latest figures provided by Mogadishu's Medina Hospital – although the government maintains the figure at 81.

A Turkish Air Force plane landed on Sunday (29) in Mogadishu with tons of material and 24 doctors, including surgeons. In all, 16 seriously ill Somalis were evacuated, as were the bodies of the two Turkish engineers who died in the attack, according to official sources.

A second plane from the Qatar Air Force landed in the Somali capital on Monday (30) with medical and first aid supplies, which the Somali Foreign Ministry thanked via Twitter on behalf of the "president and people of the country." Somalia".

No terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for this attack, although the jihadist group Al Shabab – which often attacks security officials at checkpoints – has been against building the road where the attack took place.

The attack occurred at 8:00 am (local time; 2:00 am GMT), a peak time, when an alleged suicide bomber blew up a minivan near a security checkpoint at the intersection of vehicles leaving and entering Mogadishu from Afgooye.

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