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Smugglers busted while trying to hide $300,000 worth of gold on & IN their…

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Seven people were arrested after trying to smuggle some 5.5 kg of gold from Dubai to India, converting the precious metal into paste before swallowing or hiding under clothing.

Officials at Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in central India, Madhya Pradesh, said seven members of the alleged smuggling group were caught red-handed in the middle of their intricate operation shortly after disembarking from Dubai on Saturday a plane with destination to India.

Passengers, including one woman, made a great effort to avoid detection. Authorities say they have recovered part of the smugglers' rectum cargo while the rest were hidden in their clothing, including underwear.

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In an attempt to deceive customs officials, the suspects turned the gold into some kind of paste and put it in capsules to make it easier to swallow or hide.

Smugglers, who are said to be repeat offenders, were due to fly to Mumbai later on Saturday, where they would likely sell the gold on the black market. The recovered transportation is worth about $ 298,000.

Although the preferred mode of transport may be unusual in this particular case, gold smuggling in India is a common crime. In one of the biggest busts in May this year, authorities seized 110 kilograms of gold in Mumbai, which had been declared brass in customs documents.

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