Smart Sound Speakers Could Help Health Distress Signs

by ace

The smart sound column speakers could help call an ambulance in case of cardiac arrest.

Researchers at the University of Washington to want to take advantage of the ability for smart sound speakers to be always on the alert to call for distress if “signs” of cardio-respiratory arrest are “heard.”

A group of scientists at the University of Washington designed a concept-based artificial intelligence system that aims to detect clues to cardiac arrest and act accordingly. The system takes advantage of intelligent speakers that can always be “listening” and teaches them to interpret signs of some cardiac complication in users.

In the first phase, the column, through the integrated personal assistant, calls for help to people who are nearby and the next step, if no one answers, is to call an ambulance. The researchers tested the system with several recordings, from different phones, and in separate columns, to eliminate false positives as much as possible.

The system has been optimized to detect signs of complications at the breathing level of the users around them.

The AI ​​had errors of 0.22% of the time listening to a single event, but got 0% errors when listening to the events with a difference of at least ten seconds, explains Engadget. The team of scientists created Sound Life Sciences to study the commercial approach to selling the technology to manufacturers of specialized health devices.

This solution might have increased difficulties to appear on devices with Alexa or Google Assistant, given the privacy issues.

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