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Small steps towards a plastic-free world | Letters

by Ace Damon
Small steps towards a plastic-free world | Letters

Re John Vidal's article (The solution to the plastic waste crisis? It's not recycling, Journal, January 15), after his previous article on plastic (Plastic polluters won 2019 – and we're running out of time to stop them , January 2) I promised not to buy any plastic for a week. This was revealing, as my family found that all apples (and most other loose fruits) in our supermarkets had plastic stickers on each piece of fruit. The milk bottles were out (the milk cartons on the plants have plastic lids); as well as bread, salt, pasta, cereal (plastic interior) and tofu (completely wrapped in plastic). On our second trip, we finally hunted yeast not wrapped in plastic to make our own bread. This opened our eyes to what a plastic mountain usually takes home in our eco-friendly bags.

This inspired some changes around the house, which drastically reduced consumption. It had the added benefit that our food was healthier and cheaper. We now shop at Unboxed, a local store that sells most essentials – including herbs and spices – without packaging. We make our own vegetable milk in a blender and bread in the bread maker (everything takes an average of 15 minutes every night) and soy tofu grown by a local farmer. Now we stop before buying anything and consider packaging options.

The move was not easy, but it was not impossible. If we all make small changes in everyday life, a world without plastic will be within reach.
Dr. Yoriko Otomo

• Good to know about the two Clean Kilo stores in Birmingham (Letters, 17 January). Here in Derbyshire Dales, we have a brilliant mobile store that visits all local markets and villages, selling things to put in their own containers, as well as a variety of environmentally friendly products. Even in the field, we can make it happen!
Carol Taylor
Darley Dale, Derbyshire

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