She Loves You, But You Must Be Up To It

by ace

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You want to send a gift that expresses what you’re thinking and feeling precise, but you can’t write a sentence with all the talent of an Eminem letter.

Improve your thinking out-of-the-box like the professional floral designer and co-author of Discovery Channel‘s Surprise by Design recommends consumers to adopt when considering flowers as a gift.

Choose a florist you already know in some way. You should feel confident and comfortable with the decisions that your florist will help you make on any special occasion.

If you’re not sure where to look for a flower shop, ask the people around you to recommend someone with whom they have had notable success.

Find out more about the types of flowers that exist and are available for arrangements.

Although your florist is the expert and can help you make decisions, if you send flowers frequently, you will find it easier to personalize your gifts when you know the names of several flowers and a little about them.

It is also useful to know which flowers are in season. You want your floral offering to have a maximum emotional impact. A great way to do this is to personalize the gift using the recipient’s favorite colors and flowers.

You can even further personalize the arrangement by adding a small gift related to the recipient’s hobby or interests.

When would you most like to receive a gift? Any time, right? And especially when it is not expected!

This is true for most people, so flowers sent “just because” will undoubtedly have a considerable impact.

When you choose flowers as a present, you can be sure that you are sending an emotional contribution that will make the recipient smile and that they will remember for many years to come.

Statistics show that 92 percent of women remember the last time they received flowers. You don’t have to be a great poet and have the ability to say what you want to speak with words.

Flowers can say that for you! Haven’t you submitted your proposal yet? She can give you an ultimatum!

Consider the following scene from your loved one inner thoughts perspective:

You’ve been dating the man forever, and he hasn’t brought up a ring eventually.

You spend every weekend with him. You put up with his flatulent friends from college. You put up with his lunatic mother.

You alternate holidays with his family and yours, spending considerable sums on gifts for your nieces and nephews.

You cook for him. You baked him birthday cakes. Occasionally, you even wash his clothes.

Should you give him an ultimatum? Doesn’t he have an obligation to marry you after everything you’ve done for him?

No. After all, it was you who decided to tolerate people you don’t like. It was your idea to please his nieces and nephews to show him how much you love children.

You cooked, baked, and washed his clothes to prove that you are a superior wife.

All of this in the hope of winning the final prize package: The ring! The dress! The seven days trip to the romantic destination of your choice!

And all he ever does is take you for granted. Of course, he doesn’t value you.

You have no life of your own. Your goal in life is to get married, you pin your hopes on him, and he knows it. Put yourself in his shoes: wouldn’t you consider him guaranteed?

If you love him (and consider it carefully, do you love him or do you love the idea of ​​getting married?),

Please don’t give him an ultimatum. It is never wise to make this request to any man.

Ask yourself: Do you want to marry a guy you had to fight with? Don’t you deserve better?

Ask yourself what marriage to an ambivalent husband can be like. If the guy doesn’t value you now, how bad will he be in five years, when you give birth to kids who scribble on the kitchen wall, and he remains lying on the couch while you run to clean it up?

How bad will he be in 10 years when, in addition to cooking, cleaning, and washing, you still have homework to supervise and Halloween costumes to do?

Stop now.

Otherwise, the day before you think, you will find yourself among the legions of women who complain that their husbands never do anything at home, and you will have no one to blame but yourself. So, take a step back.

Decide what you want out of life.

Determine whether that particular man is the right life companion. Stop spending all your free time with him.

Replace a bad habit with a good one, taking classes, signing up for yoga, or going out for an occasional weekend with friends you’ve been neglecting since joining What’s-His-Name. In other words, don’t be so available.

Fill your time with opportunities to meet new people.

Please get to know yourself better, it’s worth recognizing our values.

Sure, go out with the guy once in a while, but limit your time with his family. Resist all his “wife and mother” inclinations.

Let him make a cake for you for a change. Will he come to his senses? Will he fall to his knees and make all your Cinderella fantasies come true?

Well, here are a few possibilities for the final outcome.

He won’t miss you so much, freeing you to find happiness elsewhere;

You will find that you don’t want it so much and you wait for a man who will love you as much as you love him; or

He will ask you to marry him, and you will say yes or no, confident that you are making the best choice for your future happiness.

Remember that if you say yes, the nasty college mates and the guy’s lunatic mom will be part of the package.

If you’re smart, you can get away with reducing the gifts for your nieces and nephews. How much to bake, cook, and wash, however, is entirely up to you.


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