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Secret to being a champion is knowing how to get out of defeat

by ace

Jorge Jesus seemed bothered by the draw against Sao Paulo. If the arbitration was wrong to allow 27 São Paulo fouls, the red-black rhythm broke because Fernando Diniz took off speed in the second stage, exchanging short passes.

Anyone who wants to beat Flamengo will have to take their pace. The Sao Paulo succeeded.

In the fight to reach the leader, Palmeiras had a bad performance in the first half, but showed tranquility to understand the defeat and change the pace of the second stage. It has become fashionable in Brazil to make the demagogic speech that it is not normal to lose. It's normal, yes. Freak is a champion team not knowing how to get out of their losses and increase the size of the crisis.

Flamengo won the 1980 Brazilian losing to Botafogo-PB. The team that won the 2009 Brazilian took 5-0 from Coritiba. Palmeiras won in 2018, the same year they lost at home to Sport, relegated.

Jorge Jesus He seemed unconcerned with the way Sao Paulo stole two points from him on Saturday (28). Fernando Diniz managed to get his team off the hook, not just fouls. Also with short passes.

Flamengo's first draw as home team must be used to correct mistakes, not nonconformity. Knowing how to lose is always important to win again.

Now that Palmeiras will have weeks off while the red-black dispute for Libertadores, a question can be clarified. If the championship will consecrate the team with the cast most qualified, Palmeiras, or the one with the best starting team, Flamengo.

In principle, the answer seems to be Jorge Jesus' 11. This is because the management of Gávea hired decisive players. They may not even serve the first line of European football, but have the ability to set matches in Brazil.

In comparison, when São Paulo was two-time world champion, Muller, Toninho Cerezo and Leonardo were no longer for Europeans and so they returned. But all three made a difference in South America.

If you always count on your eleven holders, Flamengo will be Brazilian Champion. But it won't count. Gabriel, for example, is suspended against Chapecoense and will be in the selection against Atlético-MG and Athletico-PR.

Palmeiras will have their squad to try the two-time championship. Next week against Atlético-MG, then against Santos, in Vila Belmiro.

Meanwhile, Flamengo will need to mess with your team. It is not fair to say that Jorge Jesus stumbled when climbing the team that was used by Abel Braga, while preserving Gérson, Rafinha and Filipe Luís against Sao Paulo. This was not the decisive question.

Flamengo got better with Jorge Jesus and seems to get tired of the sequence with the same holders.

Follows a very strong team. The question is how will it behave with embezzlement and Wednesday followed by Copa Libertadores games.

There are testimonials from Benfica fans who attribute the losses on the arrival of the 2013 Portuguese League and Europa League, to the lineups followed by the same holders, without Jorge Jesus sparing no one.

Flamengo's biggest risk of losing the Brazilian Championship seems to be tiring their holders, while Palmeiras scale homogeneous cast.

Take off speed

Fouls aside, Sao Paulo swapped short passes and took speed from the Flamengo pass swap. The greatest Saint-Pauline merit was this and not locking yourself. Fernando Diniz now has the mission to make the team exchange more passes and threaten more than in Maracanã.

The greatest critic

The biggest Corinthians critic it's been Fabio Carille. The coach himself opened the press conference after beating Vasco, saying he did not like his team. No one is enjoying it. The current job will not take the title, but will give a place in Libertadores.

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