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Sao Paulo announces hiring of Tiago Volpi

by Ace Damon
Sao Paulo announces hiring of Tiago Volpi

The Sao Paulo announced, on Tuesday (24), the hiring of goalkeeper Tiago Volpi, 29, definitely. He was on loan from Mexico's Querétaro since the beginning of this season and his contract with the Sao Paulo club would end later this year.

The amount paid by the Morumbi team for the player was $ 5 million, as provided in the loan agreement. The Mexican club, despite the attempts of the Brazilians, accepted nothing less.

Internally, São Paulo had already decided to hire the goalkeeper since before the end of the Brazilian Championship. Faced with a difficult financial situation, however, the board sought to make the business viable to less damage the club's coffers.

Volpi is seen as a cornerstone of the São Paulo squad in a position that has been unstable since Rogério Ceni's retirement in 2015. The situation became even more urgent after the club decided to terminate with reserve goalkeeper Jean after he was retired. accused of assaulting his wife during family vacations in the United States.

At the last meeting of the Deliberative Council, a deficit of R $ 180 million was presented, and it is expected that this amount will be balanced with the sale of athletes – however, no exit has been announced so far, at the end of 2019.

On the contrary, on the 20th, the team announced the permanent signing of right-back Igor Vinícius, 22. He was on loan from Ituano and the Morumbi team paid R $ 2 million for 50% of their economic rights by the end of 2022

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