Salmonella Outbreaks

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Salmonella is a formal name for food poisoning. It is more common than you may think it is. Generally all we read in the newspapers and see on the news are the big cases of it. This is mainly done to get the word out about particular products that may be under a recall due to the salmonella outbreak. The majority of the cases that do occur aren’t very serious. While salmonella can make you very sick it isn’t life threatening in most cases.

Yet it can be and people have died from it. Should you experience symptoms including abdominal cramps, a fever, and diarrhea you should see a doctor. You may need antibiotics to prevent the bacteria from affecting your intestines and getting into your blood stream. You definitely don’t want to leave it untreated if you are very ill or if a child is very ill.

It is estimated that approximately 40,000 cases of salmonella poisoning are reported each year in the United States. It is believed another 20,000 cases do occur but they aren’t reported. Many households often think that everyone just came down with a case of the flu so they don’t realize salmonella has even been a factor in their household. The reported cases generally involve those that seek medical care or when a recall has been initiated for a food item.

The outbreaks of salmonella tend to double in the warmer months of the year. This is because the heat allows the bacteria to grow faster and to multiply rapidly. The majority of outbreaks affect young children and the elderly. It is important to really understand the symptoms of salmonella that they may exhibit. This way it doesn’t get misdiagnosed as only the flu.

Approximately 600 deaths each year are attributed to salmonella that doesn’t get immediate medical care. It can be heartbreaking to lose a loved one in such a manner. Do your part to prevent salmonella outbreaks by cooking food to the right temperatures. Always prepare and handle food with clean hands and a clean surface. Pay attention to community salmonella outbreaks and to recalls on various types of food products to protect your family.

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