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‘Rising racism’: Turkey says Europe needs to do more to prevent deadly attacks…

by Ace Damon
‘Rising racism’: Turkey says Europe needs to do more to prevent deadly attacks...

It is impossible to see attacks like Hanau isolated, said Turkey's Foreign Ministry. Ankara urged Europe to avoid "that encouraging approach" to xenophobia and "to unite against racism".

"The callousness shown in the fight against the rise of xenophobia in Europe leads to new attacks every day," said a statement published by Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on February 20.

“It is time to end these attacks. Otherwise, racism and xenophobia will reach more serious levels and lead us to a dangerous situation. "

Mainly, Turkey wants other European governments to avoid "this encouraging approach" to hatred against Islam and instead "unite against racism and xenophobia and speak with one voice".

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"Many nominations" Hanau sniper was motivated by racist right-wing views – Merkel

The Ministry's statement also offered condolences to the families of the victims of the February 19 attack in Hanau, where a sniper killed at least nine people in two hookah bars.

Among the dead, Turkish citizens, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The sniper returned home, where he reportedly killed his 72-year-old mother and then himself. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the attacker probably had far-right and racist motives.

Far-right attacks have been quite common in Germany lately. In October 2019, a man in Halle killed two and injured two outside a synagogue, before being caught by the police. In July, another man left to find a random dark-skinned person to shoot and injure one who, luckily, survived. A neo-Nazi killed a pro-migrant politician, Walter Luebcke, in his home that same year.

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German police invade Hanau by shooting at the suspect's home and discover him & # 39; killed with another body nearby & # 39;

However, Germany was also shaken by the violence committed by supporters of radical Islamists. In 2016, Anis Amri, a failed asylum seeker, drove a truck in a crowd in Berlin, killing 11 people. He had promised loyalty to the Islamic State.

In 2017, another man who sought asylum was stabbed in Hamburg, claiming later that he tried to kill as many Christian Germans as possible.

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