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Rescued dog with extra tail on head

by Ace Damon
Rescued dog with extra tail on head

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A 10-week-old baby dog ​​with a small, unusual tail in the middle of its head was rescued by a Missouri rescue center after being abandoned.

Named Narwhal (Narval) for a species of whales that have a long, straight prey at the front, it was rescued by "Mac's Mission", which predominantly hosts animals with special needs or characteristics, including deformations and injuries.

According to the BBC, veterinarians who examined the dog on Tuesday said that "there is no clinical reason to remove" the tail in question, as it does not cause pain to the animal, which became popular with the publication of several photos of you on social networks.

Medical examination has shown that the small tail, which is one third the size of the back, is untethered and has no purpose other than to make Narwhal "the coolest dog ever", quotes the television network. North-American.

Host Center manager Rochelle Steffen confirmed that Narwhal "has no pain and plays for hours," adding that it is not yet available for adoption as it is expected to grow longer to check for tail changes.

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