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Repeat offender who attacked Brazilians has racist track record

by Ace Damon
Repeat offender who attacked Brazilians has racist track record

In October 2015, Dynamo Kiev hosted Chelsea for Champions League, in game held in the Ukrainian capital. During the match, a group of home team fans broke into the neighboring sector and assaulted four black people, who were also cheering for Dynamo.

At the time, the club was punished at 100,000 euros ($ 533,000 at current price), two games of closed gates and the obligation to stamp on the shirt "No to racism" until The end of the season.

The punishment seems have had no effect. Last Sunday (10), Brazilians Taison and Dentinho were the victims of Dynamo fans.

"Dynamo have been adding cases like these since 2015 and the club has not done much to control or combat this issue," says Pavel Klymenko, a member of Fare Network, a European NGO. that works in the fight against racism in European football.

Dentinho and Taison, athletes of Shakhtar Donetsk, were the target of racial injury by members of the Kiev club crowd. Taison, who kicked the ball into the stands and showed the middle finger to the fans, was sent off with a red card.

"I will never be silent in the face of such an inhuman and despicable act. My tears were of indignation, of repudiation and of helplessness, helplessness because I could do nothing at that time," Taison said in a blog post on Instagram. "In a racist society, it is not enough not to be racist, we must be anti-racist," he said.

The referee of the duel, Mykola Balakin, has put in place the "three-step procedure" instituted by FIFA and UEFA for cases of discrimination in football matches. But only part of it.

At first, the stadium's loudspeakers urged Dynamo fans to stop the demonstrations. Afterwards, Balakin removed the athletes from the field and the game was paralyzed for five minutes.

The third step of the protocol would be the suspension of the game. This step, however, has not yet been taken, and refers to a similar case three weeks ago, when Bulgarian fans promoted racist acts against English players in a Euro 2008 qualifier match. The referee at the time also followed the three-step protocol but stopped at the second.

As in Bulgarian football, cases of racism are recurring in Ukraine, especially involving the Dynamo Kiev supporters.

In addition to the assaults on black fans in 2015, members of the club's main organized crowd, Rodychi, went to the stadium in a 2017 match with clothing alluding to the Ku Klux Klan – white supremacist organization operating in the USA – and masks with swastika design for a match against Shakhtar Donetsk for the Ukrainian Championship.

In addition to the symbols and clothing, a banner was extended with the message "100% white".

Following the incident on Sunday, Dynamo Kyiv posted a note on its official website, saying they are eager to start investigations and hand over responsibility to the Ukrainian Football Federation, which the club says "only cares about the punishments". financial ".

"It's the same story as 2015, with the club pretending it doesn't know its own fans," says Klymenko, who links the rise of racist demonstrations in team games with the growth of the far right movement in Ukraine, especially after the conflicts. between the country and Russia in 2014 for control of the Crimean territory, attached by the Russians.

In 2016, the National Corps was founded in the country, a political party that emerged from a paramilitary group, the Azov, with operations in eastern Ukraine. Party leaders, according to Klymenko, are also leaders of Dynamo's neo-Nazi fan groups.

"We can not pretend that the growth of the far right has not been reflected in the stadiums. Everyone who adds to these groups (fans) also add to the ideals of the far right. And things can get worse," he says.

This Monday (11), FIFA ruled on the case involving Brazilians Dentinho and Taison and stated that the responsibility for possible punishments and measures rests with the local authorities.

"We are not aware of all the details about this incident. While it is the responsibility of the Ukrainian authorities to handle, investigate and act on any incident in the Ukrainian league, FIFA's position is unequivocal that any kind of discrimination has no place in the football, "the organization told Folha through a spokesman.

Specialist and professor of sports law, attorney Marcos Motta of Bichara and Motta lawyers, says the international federation has responsibility for the case, since it is the one who formulates the disciplinary code followed by its affiliated federations.

"FIFA says with fanfare that 'it will not disappoint victims of racial abuse' in its new (disciplinary) code.

Dentinho and Taison club Shakhtar have also been involved in racist rallies this season. In a Europa League match, fans of the team displayed a banner with far right symbols. The club was punished by UEFA.

In the team play ten Brazilians: Ismaily, Vitão, Dodo, Taison, Marcos Antonio, Dentinho, Tete, Alan Patrick, Maycon and Marquinhos Cipriano, besides Marlos, born in Brazil and Ukrainian naturalized.

Dynamo Kiev also have a Brazilian on the team: left-back Sidcley, former Corinthians.

According to Marcelo Carvalho, coordinator of the Racial Football ObservatoryThere are already 13 cases of racism involving Brazilians abroad this year. Eastern Europe, according to Carvalho, concentrates most of the incidents.

“These are places with few blacks, where blacks are starting to grow in number at this time. It bothers. Then comes the issue of very strong nationalism, the issue of xenophobia, the hatred of immigrants, especially the black, ”says Carvalho.

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