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Reef-erendum debate: NZ politician stuns the house by producing 14g ‘weed’…

by ace

New Zealand National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett set fire to parliament (figuratively speaking) when she produced what appeared to be a 14-gram marijuana bag during a legalization debate.

"She thinks this promotes the well-being of New Zealanders when, under her government's law, people can buy up to 14 grams a day of marijuana," Bennett asked Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, holding back what later became. a sack of oregano, to the audible mocking laughter of his fellow deputies.

The proposed limit of 14 grams per day for marijuana is an important topic before the referendum is held alongside the country's 2020 general elections.

"I think it's awesome," said Children's Minister Tracey Martin.

"I hear it's about 40 (together), it's huge … it's a huge number," estimated national lawmaker Brett Hudson, while labor lawmaker Kiri Allen estimated that the number was close to 20 joints.

After lawmakers continually shouted at the prime minister during her response, Speaker Trevor Mallard told the erupting house floor to "relax," sparking even more dizzying laughter.

Ardern eventually responded to Bennett's criticism of the proposed limit by arguing that it would constitute half the daily limit for Canadians and Americans who can legally buy pot in their own countries.

Justice Minister Andrew Little, who proposed the bill, asked opposition members to find a single person who "smoked 42 together a day" and only then would he take the criticism seriously.

Online comments ranged from scorn to outright aversion to Bennett and his stuntman, with some describing her as "an openly cruel freak who hates poor people" and accusing her of "trolling concern".

She was also fiercely criticized for her position, which many argued had helped fund criminal gangs by criminalizing weeds.

If Paula Bennett thinks I have time to shop for weeds * every day *, she doesn't understand the life of a New Zealander who works every day. https://t.co/SbPmyVXllm

– Max Johns (@MxDEJ) December 4, 2019

FFS Paula, let's legalize, put politics aside and make it happen.

– Hamish Waugh (@Mishahesa) December 4, 2019

Paula Bennett thinks that being able to legally buy a quality, approved, small bag of marijuana from licensed establishments is a bad thing. She prefers that people keep buying as much as they want illegally from gangs. She and Bridges are the best friends of gangs in Parliament. https://t.co/JG0E0BcN1w

– Clint Smith (@ClintVSmith) December 4, 2019

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