Reduce Homework Time Stress – Parents Guide

by ace

Parents asked us why homework takes their children 2, 3, and even four times more than peers and what they can do. This article defines the three main questions and what parents can do about it. The student’s main topics include:

1- Attention is a significant problem, both in the classroom and in homework
2- They usually have one or more vision problems – often these students’ eyes are: not working together; skip words or lines when reading, or they have difficulty copying outside the frame
3- They get tense when doing their homework and usually lose it

When a student has trouble paying attention in class, the information should generally be re-taught at home.

What makes things worse is that the student’s homework time, which should take 45 minutes, is extended to 1 ½ hour due to re-teaching and then to over 2 hours, because they are unable to stay focused.

Vision problems affect your homework in several ways:

1- They have trouble copying the notes on the board correctly, and you spend time trying to understand the task
2- They skip words or lines when reading, further complicating life
3- When they do mathematical problems, they usually do not align their work correctly, lose the minus and division signs and make careless mistakes

Students are often tense when doing homework, and battles often follow. What usually happens is:

– Students are too intimidated to ask questions in the classroom and simply get stuck
– The student or parent gets angry and then …
– Starts a discussion that often turns into a battle royale

What we recommend is that parents:

– Keep calm when doing homework with your child
– If your child is stressed, take a break of one to three minutes
– Moisturize them before doing homework and while doing homework
– When reading, use an index card or your finger to keep them on the right line
– If attention is a significant problem, consider getting a diagnosis of ADHD.

If they have learning difficulties or attention problems that significantly affect their academic performance, the student may qualify for an Individualized Education Plan and arrange accommodation for homework, which may include:

  • Obtain copies of notes – provided by the teacher or another student
  • Teacher seat to improve attention
  • Ask the teacher to verify that the student has written the assignment correctly
  • Having to sign that they have completed the task and placing it in a location where they can find it
  • An early warning system, where the teacher alerts you to problems from the beginning

If vision is a major problem, see an optometrist – even if your child has 20/20 vision


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