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Red Bull merges with Bragantino generates dispute for vacancy at Paulista

by Ace Damon

The change of Red Bull from Campinas to Bragança Paulista may interfere with the four divisions of paulista soccer in 2020. The union of the two teams opened a seat in Series A1 (main division) of the 2020 State.

Red Bull paid about $ 50 million to take on Bragantinoin March this year. The name change will be confirmed in January 2020. The team will be called Red Bull Bragantino.

Both clubs would have the right to play the A1 Series Paulista Championship in 2020. But with the merger, an open spot for the state elite opened.

Folha learned that the president of the federation, Reinaldo Carneiro Bastos, decided which place will be from Holy Water, third in the Series A2. He was behind Santo André and Internacional de Limeira, who got access in the field. The matter will be decided by the tournament's arbitration board, to be held later this month.

Downgraded in the 2019 edition, São Caetano disputes the solution found by the organization that organizes the tournament.

“We will fight until the end. We sent a statement to Reinaldo (Carneiro Bastos, president of the FPF), but this year's A1 and A2 series rules were clear. We plead, but we don't know how it will be, ”says the president of São Caetano, Nairo Ferreira.

His tone is dismal. It belongs to those who want to remain in the first division of the state but do not want to go to the last consequences. How to file a case in the ordinary court, for example. Realizing this, team fans began texting the top hat demanding that he fight for what they believe is club law.

The interpretation of the federation is that the first paragraph of Article 19 of A2 of 2019 has been implemented:

“In the event of non-participation of any club qualifying for the (…) Series A1 2020, the club with the third best campaign in the (…) Series A2 of 2019 will have access to the semifinals.”

In an interview with Folha in May, the president of Água Santa, Paulo Sirqueira, did not rule out going to court to ensure that this item of the regulation was put into practice.

"They are trying to bypass access on the pitch with a maneuver," he complained.

Sought again in recent days, said he would rather not comment for now. Want to wait a definition of the entity that organizes the tournament. He received signal that he should keep the vacancy.

São Caetano has a legal opinion that gives another interpretation to the A2 Series regulations. The document is signed by André Ramos Tavares, Professor at the Faculty of Law of USP (University of São Paulo) and appointed in 2016 as one of the members of the CBF Reform Committee.

According to the text produced by him, to which Folha had access, the access of Água Santa as third place in A-2 would be “unusual” and a “debacle”.

According to the lawyer's opinion, when the regulation says no "unclassified clubs" for Serie A1 are not referring to the teams that competed for the access division and moved up. Only if something happened to Saint Andrew or Limeira International and if any of them could not exercise the right to rise to the elite, the place would be the third place.

The A1 and A2 series regulations do not communicate, Tavares says, and one cannot interfere with the other.

The consequence of this would be the non-relegation of the penultimate placed of the first division of Paulista in 2019: the São Caetano.

Through its advice, Red Bull has said it does not intend to comment. THE Paulista Football Federation claims to be unaware of the possibility of actions of Água Santa or São Caetano and any legal advice.

"The Pelé Law, in its article 27-A, provides that the same economic group cannot have two clubs in the same championship. If this happens until the technical council of Paulista, the economic group must appoint the secondary club, which will fall immediately to In this case, the third best placed club in the A2 Series should go up, occupying the vacancy, "says the statement sent to the press office of the entity.

The Bragantino merger may also interfere with the A3 Series and the state Second Division. Red Bull's intention is to maintain its CNPJ and play A2 in 2020 with an under-23 squad. The change is accepted, Folha learned, by Carneiro Bastos. But not everyone welcomed it.

"Barretos has filed an application with the federation and if there is opportunity, we want the vacancy in the A2 Series," said Luis Cortillazzi, manager of Barretos, third-placed A3 in 2019.

Like Água Santa, he says he has the right to go up third.

Barretos's main argument is that the Austrian company team should fall to the Second Division (as the fourth and final level of state football is called), not to A2.

The 2019 A1 regulation states that the club that withdraws from playing the competition must play the lower division the following year. The official structure of the Paulista Federation, as it is stated in the entity's own documents, is that the First Division is divided into A1, A2 and A3 and then comes the Second Division.

Upon leaving the elite dispute, Red Bull would have to return to the Second Division, which is actually the fourth.

"If we do not go up, we will question in the court (sports court)," adds the manager of Barretos.

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