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Rebecca Long-Bailey ‘considering’ standing for Labour leadership

by Ace Damon
Rebecca Long-Bailey 'considering' standing for Labour leadership

Rebecca Long-Bailey said she is considering running for Labor leadership.

Side business secretary and Rep. Salford and Eccles, 40, make the announcement in an article published on Monday's Guardian.

"Real wealth and power must be given back to the people of Britain, and their desire for control over their own lives and the future of their communities must be at the center of our agenda," she writes.

Reflecting on the outcome of the general election, Long-Bailey said Labor's attempt to compromise Brexit "has satisfied very few," but the party cannot blame Brexit alone.

"It's not good to have the right solutions if people don't believe you can deliver them," she writes.

She also warned against a "return to past politics," urging the party to "violate the broken political system that has held our communities for decades."

Long-Bailey also wrote about growing up in areas affected by deindustrialization and how his family had to move after the docks on which his father worked were closed.

She argues that to win the next election, Labor must rebuild its broad base of support "uniting all our communities" from "former Blythe Valley miners with migrant cleaners in Brixton and small business owners in Stoke on Trent." .

Long-Bailey says the country calls for "bold and transformative solutions" to falling living standards and the climate crisis.

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As a parallel business secretary since 2017, she has led the development of the party's Green Industrial Revolution policy, which she said "will address the climate crisis by investing in good unionized jobs and reindustrializing our regions and nations."

She says Labor can "win again," but first they must "unite" and "fight conservatives at every step and map the path of labor back to power."

Born in Old Trafford, Long-Bailey's first job was as a pawnbroker, who she previously said taught her "more about life's struggles than any degree or qualification ever could."

She has been a Salford and Eccles deputy since the 2015 general elections and was reelected in the 2019 general elections, with a reduced 56.8% share in the vote and a small majority of 32.3%.

It is often presented by the current leadership office for media interviews and is strongly aligned with Corbyn's policy – making it popular with members.


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