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Really works?! People are putting the motherboard of problem TVs in the …

by Ace Damon
Really works?! People are putting the motherboard of problem TVs in the ...

Youtube is a box of surprises and many tutorials are hosted on the platform – no matter how bizarre the solutions to your problems are. The most recent example that is circulating on the internet are the people who published videos arranging their TVs in a very unconventional way: placing the motherboard in the ELECTRIC OVEN!


Three propellers were attached so that he could change rooms by flying

The first video we have is of the boy Davi (DaviLopess), who shared a very complete "technological-culinary" experience – disassembling the TV, heating the plate and reassembly. In your case, the problem was that the image was frozen, and once everything was done it went back to work.

One detail of the process is that the boy recommends preheating the plate and then leaving it for ten minutes in the oven at 180ºC.

In another publication, Nat Ingraci did the same thing. This time, according to youtuber, the TV turned off frequently for no apparent reason. Check it out below:

The main explanation for this seemingly working home experiment can be summed up in one word: contact. Over time, the solder on the motherboard, which is upright, will wear out and the components will "detach" from the mainboard. Consequently, this compromises the operation of the apparatus, which can start to give various types of problem depending on the element taking off.

By placing the plate in the oven, this (usually tin) solder melts and renews contact with the elements that were loosening. However, this can be temporary and the problem can reappear in a few days.

Preferably, don't do it!

Interestingly, most of the videos we find on Youtube with this "recipe" involve LG brand televisions. We don't know if it is a specific brand or if it works with other models.

In addition, experts point out that this process is what we call "gambiarra" and is not recommended. It is dangerous, could not work and could result in other damaged equipment or injured people.


At the last minute, CEO Susan Wojcicki gave up on the plan.

"The boy could burn the plaque, damage the device and still get hurt (…). This cannot be done at home. You need to be a person with technical knowledge because that is not how you do it." – João Carlos Fernandes, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the FEI Rudolf Buher University Center.

So when in doubt, take your television on a standby.

Via: Wow
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