Provide Coaching To Your Customers To Give Them Better Results

Provide Coaching To Your Customers To Give Them Better Results

It’s one thing to sell a membership site, eBook or home study course to someone who wants a problem solved by you, but many people need that extra bit of hand holding.

That one on one advice, coaching. There are three ways you can provide coaching, group coaching, personal coaching and confidential coaching.

Let’s go through each of them and figure out which one is best for you.

Group coaching is also known as an online class.

For example, let’s say you were running a membership site teaching people how to lose weight. You might run a special program and only allow ten to thirty individuals to join that coaching program.

You meet once per week to check in on everyone’s results, everyone shows up at the same time, you teach a little bit and go over the feedback that you’re getting from these students.

That’s called group coaching, a set number of people joining a program and they all meet together with you as the leader and the teacher, and they all get the information at once.

This is great because you can set a plan or curriculum ahead of time, for example, teach a four week course, record it and now you have a four module membership site full of case studies you can sell over and over again.

Personal coaching is where you meet one on one with someone to go over their progress, their problems and their needs.

Personal coaching means that you are meeting with one student at a time. Because the energy is focused to just one person you can get away with only meeting for ten or twenty minutes at a time.

I really neat thing to try is offering twenty minutes of personal coaching as a bonus to your next product or service, see how many people actually take you up on it and what feedback you get from these customers.

The other thing about personal coaching is you should record this as well and add it to your membership area as a bonus, even if someone does not have the exact same situation.

For example, with weight loss which you might have one on one coaching student, everyone can learn from other people’s progress.

You might be wondering why I told you to record a personal one on one coaching session because everything you do should be leverage.

Your time is valuable and it’s really neat to get paid upfront for a one on one session and be able to help others.

If someone you’re meeting, if one of your students wants the call to be kept confidential, what I recommend is charging double to keep the call unrecorded.

For example, you might charge $100 for a twenty minute session where you go one on one with someone’s problem and fix it.

Then you might charge $200 for the same twenty minute session, but for $200 the recording will not be posted to your member’s area.

That is how you provide group coaching, personal coaching and confidential coaching, the thing to keep in mind through all this is you are providing a solution to a problem and helping to get your students where they need to go.

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