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Portuguese girl dies run over by her uncle in France

by Ace Damon

A three-year-old Portuguese child died in a car accident in France when his uncle was reversing the car.

The accident happened at 16.15 hours (15.15 in mainland Portugal) this Saturday, at the family home, in the town of Piennes, in the northeast of France.

According to the newspaper “L’Est Républicain”, the girl’s uncle was at the wheel when the accident happened. The 31-year-old man says he did not see his niece behind the car when he started the maneuver.

The firefighters of Piennes et d “Audun-le-Roman were the first to arrive at the scene. They had the support of Briey’s Smur (INEM), who did the resuscitation maneuvers, but in vain. The death would be declared on the spot.

The authorities will question witnesses to the accident, but according to “Republicain”, the family does not speak French, which could make it difficult to determine the facts.

A team of psychologists at the Maillot de Briey hospital has been put at the disposal of the family, who are in shock but have declined the offer.

“The proposal remains standing. If they ask for help, the municipality will provide transportation,” said Maillot de Briey Mayor Matthieu Calvo, quoted by the same newspaper.

According to “Republicain”, a team of psychologists was placed in the barracks of Piennes ed “Audun-le-Roman who came to the scene of the accident.


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