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Political game at Fla overthrows manager to hit soccer vice

by Ace Damon
Political game at Fla overthrows manager to hit soccer vice

Dismissed from Flamengo this Monday (6), soccer manager Paulo Pelaipe was not the main target in the political war of the club carioca, but became the easiest way for one side of the conflict to reach its goal.

The decision, taken at the initiative of the vice president of international relations, Luiz Eduardo Baptista, known as Bap, with the consent of the president, Rodolfo Landim, aimed to undermine the vice president of soccer, Marcos Braz.

Pelaipe was notified of the departure by email. The justification presented by Landim, who was on vacation when the news became public, was justified by the controversy over the payment of part of the awards for the titles of the Brazilian and Libertadores 2019 to officials of the football department.

One day before the decision of the Club Worldin December the then manager made a billing to the president for the premiums to be paid.

Players considered leaders cast members such as Diego, Everton Ribeiro and Rafinha were also present at the meeting. The athletes had reached the consensus that a portion of the group's R $ 13.8 million would have to be passed on to the employees.

Landim wanted to rediscuss this division and argued that the employees had not won any titles. The president also believes it was the former manager who leaked the issue to the press.

Folha learned that Braz was taken aback by the announcement of the exit of his right arm. The vice president was in a meeting to negotiate the hiring of striker Michael, from Goiás, when he learned.

O coach Jorge Jesus, who spoke last week with the manager about the cast assembly for 2020, is in Portugal – where she even met Pelaipe in recent days.

Pelaipe was one of the top hats closest to Jesus in Flamengo. The Portuguese was upset and questioned the direction about the reasons for dismissal this Tuesday (7).

The political group that commands Gávea came to power in late 2012, with the election of Eduardo Bandeira de Mello. There was a breakup, and in 2018 dissidents threw Lacy as a candidate.

The commitment made by members of the current administration is that the president will not seek reelection at the end of 2021.

If the years of Bandeira de Mello (2013 to 2018) in office were notable for the cleansing of the club accounts, with the arrival of Landim Flamengo had in 2019 one of the best years in its history.

He was Rio de Janeiro Brazilian champion of the Libertadores and lost the final of the Club World Cup to Liverpool in Doha, Qatar. The most visible face of the board was Braz, supported by Pelaipe and soccer director Bruno Spindel.

The resignation of the manager is intended to wear down the vice-president, seen as a rising name in club politics and who could be credited with being a candidate in the next presidential election.

Her main articulator was Bap, who is former president of Sky. Landim accepted the exit to avoid confrontation with him, seen in the role of leader just as he acted as executive: centralizing and able to prevail in troubled environments.

Also in the background is the situation of Jorge Jesus, who has a contract until May this year. In a statement released to the press, Pelaipe called to himself the responsibility for hiring the Portuguese who became a fan idol. The acquisition was endorsed by Braz, but not by Bap, who defended to the end the permanence of Abel Braga, Jesus' predecessor.

There were times when, despite the good results, Bap showed his dissatisfaction with the coach's work. The most tense moment was in the last 16 of Libertadores, when Flamengo suffered to pass by Emelec (EQU). After losing 2-0 at Guayaquil, they returned the score and qualified on penalties. Bap openly criticized Jesus in the locker room after classification.

In the early hours of Tuesday, walls of the club's headquarters were grazed with offenses directed at Luiz Eduardo Baptista and in defense of Braz.

It is not yet defined who will be the replacement of Pelaipe. Flamengo's first official match in 2020 is scheduled for the 18th, by the State of Rio.

Crisis characters

Rodolfo Landim
Graduated in engineering, he worked at Petrobras and was CEO of Eike Batista companies. A member of the political group that put former president Eduardo Bandeira de Mello in power, won the election in Flamengo in December 2018.

Luiz Eduardo Baptista
Vice President of External Relations
Training engineer, joined Sky in 2003 and three years later led the merger with DirecTV. He was president of the company and left it in early 2019. He is one of the creators of the political group that runs Flamengo.

Marcos Braz
Vice President of Football
He is one of the people on the current board with more experience in the club. He was director of Olympic sports, responsible for the basketball team and took over football for the first time in 2009. Between 2015 and 2016 he was secretary of Sport and Leisure of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall. with the election of Lacy.

Paulo Pelaipe
Football manager
Formed as a manager for Grêmio, a club he is a fan of, he was director and soccer executive of the Rio Grande do Sul team. He assumed the same position at Coritiba and had between 2018 and 2019 his second spell at Flamengo. The first was between 2012 and 2014.

Jorge Jesus
A former Portuguese midfielder revealed by Sporting, he started as a coach in 1990 for the little Amora in Portugal. Arrived at Flamengo in June 2019 and led the team to the titles of Brasileiro and Libertadores.

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