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PM to reveal ‘final’ offer to EU in bid to get Brexit deal

by Ace Damon
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson must reveal his "final" offer for what Downing Street says is a "fair and reasonable compromise" to strike a deal with Brexit.

He is expected to reveal details during his speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester – the first as prime minister.

Lowering the curtain at the party's annual meeting, Johnson will say that "we can, should and" will complete Brexit – because voters feel they are being "fooled" by Westminster.

Boris Johnson refuses to deny case

It must also reiterate its commitment to the current deadline of October 31, although opposition parties pass legislation aimed at preventing it from removing Britain from the EU without an agreement on that date.

The prime minister will say, "Voters are desperate to focus on their other priorities. What people want, what they want out, what they want to stay, what the whole world wants is to move on.

"That is why we will leave the EU on 31 October.

"Let's finish Brexit – we can, we should and we will."

It is understood that the British authorities told their colleagues in Brussels that the legal texts to be presented to them on Wednesday are a "final offer" – and unless the bloc is willing to engage with the proposals, there will be no more talk until after Brexit.

A senior official at number 10 said: "The government is negotiating a new agreement or working without agreement – no one will work late.

"We will continue fighting to respect the largest democratic vote in British history."

And in a message to lawmakers hoping to prevent Johnson from leaving without a deal later this month, the source said: "The EU is obliged by EU law to negotiate only with member state governments, they cannot negotiate with parliament. , and this government won't do that. negotiate a delay. "

Arlene Foster wants a deal that is good for Northern Ireland and Ireland

DUP: Allow PM to negotiate

Conservatives unveiled a series of policies during the four-day conference – including plans to raise the National Minimum Wage and a series of measures to combat crime – but there were also headlines around various allegations against the prime minister.

Johnson denied squeezing a journalist's thigh during a lunch 20 years ago, and said he "has no interest in declaring" by his ties to an earlier model.

Asked about Sky News political editor Beth Rigby's latest story on the eve of his big speech, the prime minister three times refused to openly deny that he had an affair with Jennifer Arcuri, an American businesswoman being investigated for funding. public.

The specifics of exactly what Johnson's "final" offer will be to the EU are unclear at this stage, so his speech will be closely followed in European capitals.

Sajid Javid

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On Tuesday, he denied that a leaked plan to break the Brexit stalemate that Dublin was the "real" version he will propose to the EU.

The prime minister said the government "does not want" to establish new customs checkpoints 8 km from the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

The controversial idea came from discussion papers sent to the Brussels negotiators, which were leaked to the Irish broadcaster RTE.

Johnson will not ask the prime minister's questions to give his speech after lawmakers voted against a brief parliamentary break to coincide with the Tory conference.

Priti Patel warns criminals that the government is coming after them.

Patel to the criminals: & # 39; We are going after you & # 39;

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will replace the prime minister, with Interior Secretary Diane Abbott replacing Jeremy Corbyn.

So far, Corbyn has refused to support Johnson's demand for general election, saying he wants a Brexit without agreement on Oct. 31 removed from the table first.

Prior to this impending campaign, the prime minister will set his fire on the Labor leader.

He will say, "Corbyn wants to turn the whole of 2020 – which should be a great year for this country – into the chaos and cacophony of two more referendums.

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"A second referendum on the independence of Scotland, although the people of Scotland promised that the 2014 vote would be once in a generation and a second EU referendum, although we promised that the 2016 vote would be a vote." once in a generation.

"Can you imagine three more years of this?

"That's Corbyn's agenda – stay in the EU beyond October 31, paying a billion pounds a month for the privilege, followed by years of uncertainty for business and everyone else.

"My friends, I fear that after three and a half years people are starting to feel that they are being taken for fools.

"They are beginning to suspect that there are forces in this country that simply do not want Brexit delivered.

"And if they are right about this suspicion, I believe there will be serious consequences for trust in democracy.

"We will finish Brexit on October 31 so that by 2020 our country can move on."

But the chances of "completing Brexit" based on what the prime minister plans to propose to the EU seem remote.

One version of the proposals, leaked to the Daily Telegraph, boils down essentially to a time-limited version of the Irish jamb in all names, followed by two sets of customs and regulatory checks, one in Ireland (north and south) and one in Ireland. Irish sea

After a limited period of time, it would be up to the parts of Northern Ireland to decide whether they wanted to align their rules with Britain or the EU. But in practice (because of the complicated way the Northern Ireland executive works), this would give DUP the effective veto over what NI does, which will greatly affect the nationalist community.

Fundamentally, the proposals mark a departure from the objectives and guarantees that the British government gave throughout the Brexit process: that there would be no infrastructure or border checks, that the border would remain invisible and that the entire economy of the island would remain protected.

The Irish Minister of Europe has already rejected the proposals. An EU source told Sky News that they were "an act of bad faith," that Downing St knows they will be rejected and is seeking only to manage the blame game around a Brexit without agreement.



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