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PM promises ‘decade of prosperity’ in New Year’s message

by Ace Damon
PM promises 'decade of prosperity' in New Year's message

Boris Johnson is pledging to make the 2020s "a decade of prosperity and opportunity," in a New Year's message spread while he's on vacation in Mustique.

The prime minister says the NHS will be his top priority after the UK leaves the EU on January 31 and he also promises more education spending and lower taxes.

And addressing voters who "lent me their vote" in the general election, he promises to be a "prime minister of all," including those who did not vote for Tory or wanted to stay in the EU.

Johnson's message came just days after the 55-year-old Prime Minister arrived on the Caribbean island of Mustique, playground of the rich and famous, with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds.

The couple paid for British Airways flights to Saint Lucia, but are staying in a luxury villa – which costs £ 20,000 per week to rent – while guests of one family are descended from German Chancellor Otto von Bismark.

Mustique gained notoriety in 1976 when Princess Margaret, who owned an island vacation home, was photographed there with socialite Roddy Llewellyn while she was still married to Lord Snowden, causing a royal scandal.

Celebrities and millionaires who currently own jet set properties include Mick Jagger, Bryan Adams and Tommy Hilfiger and are a favorite vacation destination for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Johnson began his New Year message by claiming that Big Ben's midnight bongos were "the firearm that promises to be a fantastic year and a remarkable decade for our United Kingdom."

In a typically upbeat style, the prime minister said: "As we say goodbye to 2019, we can also change the page of the division, grudge and uncertainty that have dominated public life and long held us back.

Johnson is spending New Year at Mustique. File photo

"We can begin a new chapter in the history of our country, in which we gather and move forward, unleashing the enormous potential of the British people."

In his commitment to Brexit on January 31, Johnson said: "This should have happened already, but we were frustrated by a parliament determined to use all the tricks in the book to stop us leaving the EU."

He added: "The deal I talked about so much during the election campaign had its plastic cover perforated and microwaved."

Boris Johnson leaves after driving a Union flag JCB through a fake wall with the word "Gridlock"
Boris Johnson wants & # 39; Get Brexit Done & # 39;

He said the government would spend 2020 boosting the NHS, renovating schools, supporting scientists, building better infrastructure, controlling immigration, making the streets safer, cleaning the environment and strengthening the Union.

At the NHS, he said: "The loudest message I heard during the election campaign is that people expect us – hopefully me – to protect and improve the NHS. Therefore, the NHS will always be my top priority."

On a visit to the northeast, Boris Johnson says local activists "have changed the political map and changed the future of the country."

Dec 2019: & # 39; Our job is to serve people & # 39;

And to the Labor-hearted voters who returned conservative lawmakers, Johnson said, "I know many of you don't consider yourself a natural conservative and may just have lent me your vote.

"I am humiliated by your support and will work every day to maintain it. I am also well aware that there are millions of people who did not vote for me and were disappointed with the result.

"If you're one of them, I want to make sure that I'm the prime minister of all, not just those who voted for me. I know you love this country less simply because you voted for another party or wanted to stay.

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"More than that, I want to work with you, as friends and equals, to build the future that this UK deserves."

The Prime Minister said, "So together, let us make the 2020s a decade of prosperity and opportunity. Cutting-edge health care. Large schools in every community.

"Our cities and towns are more connected than ever – not just in London and the southeast, but in the Midlands, in the north and across the country.

"New business relationships with nations around the world, creating jobs and growth. British scientists and engineers are transforming the way we live – curing incurable diseases and making transportation cleaner, greener and quieter."

And while number 10 delivered his message during his luxury Caribbean vacation, Johnson concluded, "It's an extraordinarily exciting agenda. Let's get to work."

Outgoing Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said in his New Year's message that his party was "resistance" to Johnson.


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