Plan Your Design – Key To Better Websites

by ace

Design, design.

To put the wonders of good design in perspective, imagine when we are buying a t-shirt.

First of all, what do we look at? The design of the t-shirt, of course.

Well, most people do, in addition to the material factor.

But let’s assume that all other elements are constant if design or appearance does not become a critical aspect.

Design Putting yourself in the shoes of another individual, here are two situations.

Situation A: A website with good design and impressive graphics.

Good color schemes with a similar theme, photos. Excellent and relevant resolution and appropriate fonts and word sizes.

Situation B: A website equipped inversely with hideous graphics and images in terms of resolution, quality, and relevance.

Red images with a light green background, the fonts used were not matching, although very fanciful—a type of artistic font too small.

Situation A, visitors to the site are immediately impressed by the design and art. The well-placed images and drawings somewhat symbolize the positive nature of the company/website.

As we know, most people judge by impression.

As for Situation B, the degraded environment due to lack of creativity and poorly taken photos would not exactly help to attract visitors.

Fonts that were difficult to read, much less understood, and incompatible themes in terms of color, are not exactly welcoming, are they?

Analysis: Now, the main idea here is always to plan your sites, try to attract other people for feedback and perspectives.

Each mindset can be different, but at least you will have room for improvement.

Don’t get me wrong, even an ugly website with proper design would have many positive implications, but the main idea here is to maintain an impressionable site, at least.


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