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Phillips backs ‘impressive’ Nandy for Labour leadership

by Ace Damon
Phillips backs 'impressive' Nandy for Labour leadership

Jess Phillips confirmed that he is supporting Lisa Nandy as Labor's next leader after dropping out of the race yesterday.

Birmingham MP Yardley told Sky News that he would vote for Nandy as his first preference and Sir Keir Starmer as his second preference.

In her first interview since leaving the battle to replace Jeremy Corbyn, she said, "I think Lisa has been deeply impressive throughout the race.

"And I found that not only on a personal level, but I think that the public's view and the things that she has done really made her stand out.

"So for me, I would be happy if the Labor Party was led by Lisa Nandy or Keir Starmer …

"I think Lisa Nandy is a brilliant woman and would be a brilliant leader in the Labor Party."

She added that in her ballot "I would vote for Lisa one and Keir two".

Phillips responded to suggestions by some labor figures that the next party leader should be a woman.

"I would not have voted for a conservative woman as prime minister, she has to be the right woman and she has to be the right person," she said.

Asked why she left the leadership race, the bench told Sky News who wins "must be able to unite unions, unite members and also elected representatives".

"I think it is good to give a fair assessment that this person was not me," he concluded.

Nandy was taken aback by the endorsement when asked about it in a speech.

"She, like most candidates, is a friend of mine, so I am delighted to hear from her," said Mr Wigan, adding with a laugh: "If she has about 250,000 friends she could also convince, we could just cancel this contest now. "

Nandy is less well-known among Labor, but recently won support from the GMB union, strengthening her position against the two pioneers.

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey and Brexit shadow secretary Sir Keir are further ahead in the polls to become leaders of the second largest parliamentary party.

Emily Thornberry, the foreign secretary, is also eyeing her first job.


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