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Peruvian Government Calls for Legislative Elections for January 2020

by Ace Damon
Peruvian Government Calls for Legislative Elections for January 2020

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The Peruvian government announced on Monday (30), by a decree published in an extraordinary edition of the official daily El Peruano, the call for legislative elections to be held on January 26, 2020, following the dissolution of Parliament announced by the president of Peru. country, Martín Vizcarra.

Peruvian parliament removes Vizcarra and swears in new president

The decree cites Article 134 of the Constitution, which states that the president of the country can dissolve Congress if it has censured or denied confidence to two Councils of Ministers, and that the measure must contain the convening of parliamentary elections within four months of dissolution.

In the early hours of the Congress, Congress stated by a statement signed by Congress President Pedro Alvares Calderón that Vizcarra could not dissolve Congress without being denied confidence to two Councils of Ministers.

Following the Congressional position rejecting President Vizacarra's argument of dissolving the legilative, the government's official social media channels stated that senior Armed Forces mandates were on the issue, giving full support to President Martín Vizcarra.

Peruvian parliamentarians call for Vizcarra impeachment

The current Congress was elected in the 2016 election for a term ending in 2021, the same period that was to be served by former incumbent Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who resigned last year amid corruption allegations also involving construction company Odebrecht in the version. operation of the Lava Jato operation.

The decree published on Monday contains four articles, including "the dissolution of the Congress for denying a motion of confidence to two Councils of Ministers of the government elected for the period 2016-2021".

The text was signed by Vizcarra and new Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos, who took office on Monday following the resignation of his predecessor, Salvador del Solar.

Vizcarra announced the dissolution of the Peruvian Congress with the aim of ending the political crisis that lives with the parliamentary opposition, dominated by Fujimorist politicians.

"I decided to dissolve Congress and call congressional elections. This is a constitutional act," Vizcarra said in a televised message after Congress decided to vote for the election of members of the Constitutional Court, despite a request from the government.

However, Vizcarra's congressional opponents ignored the dissolution and called on the country's vice president, Mercedes Aráoz, to take office as "interim president" after voting in favor of suspending Vizcarra for a year.

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