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Personal records rock Brazilians in World Athletics

by Ace Damon
Personal records rock Brazilians in World Athletics

The Brazilian delegation arrives at the Doha World Athletics World Championship, which starts this Friday (27) and runs until October 6th, after the always difficult mission to collect medals. Throughout the history of the event, the country has taken the podium 13 times.

This year, optimism is based on some good results in recent months. In eight of the competition races, the country's athletes enter with a brand that is among the eight best in the world in the 2019 season.

Most likely to appear in Qatar is Darlan Romani, 28, second in the season's weight-throwing ranking. The distance of 22.61 meters reached by him in the Palo Alto stage of the Diamond League in June is the tenth best in history and it would be enough to guarantee a gold medal in all editions of the Olympic Games.

The brand was not an exception. Regularly in 2019, he pitched over 22 meters in 4 of the 6 most recent competitions. In August, he took the gold medal in the Pan American Games of Lima after overcoming fever of 40ºC caused by a throat infection he had on the eve of the test.

Brazil is also highly rated for the 4 x 100m men's relay. In May, Paulo André, Rodrigo Nascimento, Derick Silva and Jorge Vides won the relay World Championship in Yokohamain Japan after beating the Americans and British in a fierce dispute.

The Brazilian Sprinter Team has the fourth best time of the year (38s01), behind the British, Japanese and Dutch. Individually, none of them are among the best in the race.

"Having made the best marks of our lives this year was important for us to be confident in the World Cup. It was a goal that I and the other boys had," said Paulo André, 21, who has already run 100 meters twice in 10.02.

At the end of August, Vitor Hugo dos Santos, 23, a reserve of the world champion team in Yokohama, reached 10:07 during competition in Bragança Paulista, his best time of career.

On the same day, minutes later, Paulo André ran in 9s90, but as at that moment the wind speed was above 2m / s, the result could not be approved by the international federation.

Still, the sprinter has shown that he is very close to being the first South American athlete to complete the 100m under 10 seconds – Robson Caetano's record untouched since 1988.

"If we improve over the year, the tendency is to grow even more in the main championship. We are very united for the relay, which is our reality, but we will do everything to bring joy to Brazil in the individual event," said Paulo André. .

Another young man on the rise in Brazilian athletics is Alison dos Santos, 19, known by the nickname Piu. At Pan de Lima, he won the 400 m hurdles gold medal and recorded the sixth fastest time in the world in 2019 (48:45). The brand would give him the silver medal at the 2017 World Championship.

"Being always running at or near the best result gives you the constancy to get to the World Cup and not lower your head to anyone because we are all the same there," said the athlete.

Olympic pole vault champion in 2016, Thiago Braz, 26, has the fourth mark in the ranking of the year (5.92 m), but is far from regular. In Pan, for example, it was no more than 5.51 m.

Gabriel Constantino, 24, (110 m hurdles), Almir dos Santos, 26, (triple jump), Caio Bonfim, 28, and Erica Sena, 34 (athletic march), complete the list of Brazilian representatives in the top 8 of their events. who will compete in Doha.

A significant embezzlement will be Andressa de Morais, 28, a silver medalist at the disc's Pan release. She was provisionally suspended this month by the Athletics Integrity Unit for testing positive for SARM. androgen receptor) during competition in Peru.

Competitions in Doha will be held at the Khalifa stadium, renovated to host the 2022 World Cup. One of the biggest concerns for athletes and organizers is the heat. The marathon and athletic march events will start at night and advance in the local dawn, but even at these times the thermometers should mark above 30ºC.

Athletics World Cup Final Dates

Men's 100m Sprint – Saturday (28), 16:15
Men's Triple Jump – Sunday (29), 15:45
Women's 100m Sprint – Sunday (29), 17:20
Women's 20km Athletic March – Sunday (29), 17h30
Men's 400 m Hurdles – Monday (30), 4:40 pm
Men's Pole Vault – Tuesday (1st), 14:05
Men's 200m Spread Tuesday (1), 4:40 pm
Women's Women's 200 m – Wednesday (2), 4:35 pm
Men's 110m Hurdles – Wednesday (2), 5pm
Men's 20km Athletic March – Friday (4), 5:30 pm
Men's Shot Put – Saturday (5), 2:05 pm
Women's Triple Jump – Saturday (5), 14:35
Men's and Women's 4×100 Relays – Saturday (5), 4:05 pm

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