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‘Partner in democracy’: US takes note of Peru crisis after president &…

by ace

The US Embassy in Lima said Washington would continue to work with Peru as a "partner of democracy" even as the government tries to close the country's legislature amid an unprecedented political crisis.

The embassy stated its support for Peru's "democratic institutions" in a brief statement quoted by Reuters late on Tuesday, just a day after Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra declared that parliament had dissolved into fierce objections from opposition lawmakers, who criticized the action as a "coup" and, in turn, " fired "Vizcarra from his post.

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Unlike Venezuela, where opposition leader Juan Guaido enjoys full support from Washington, the US had previously refrained from taking part in Peru's growing struggle. The Vizcarra government ironically supported Guaido in January, shortly after he declared himself "interim president" of Venezuela.

Some online could not resist making comparisons between the two countries in conflict. “It will be a lot of fun to hear Vizcarra, the Lima Group and the [Organization of American States] explaining why the acting president of Mercedes Araoz in Peàu is not valid, but that of Guaidó in Venezuela is”, one user tweeted.

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“The interim Vizcarra dissolves Congress and Congress suspends the interim Vizcarra. Guaido will have to take care of Peru, ”another commentator jokedwhile a third He asked "Has Guaidó proclaimed himself president of Peru?"

However, with Washington finally realizing the Peruvian crisis, some noted that the country could find itself in greater trouble and become another victim of US "democracy" imposed abroad. Past initiatives have yielded results such as Iraq and Libya, where the floodgates of violence and extremism were crushed by US bombing campaigns – or Syria, where US support for “moderate rebels” has prolonged a bloody conflict for years and helped separate the country – all in the name of "democratic institutions".

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