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Parrot announces partnership with app company to put AI on ANAFI drones

by Ace Damon
Parrot announces partnership with app company to put AI on ANAFI drones

Drone maker Parrot announced a partnership with web and app development company RIIS to create artificial intelligence software focused on the ANAFI quadcopter platform. The purpose of the union of the companies is to encourage developers to invest their time in the system used in the brand's quadcopters.

In addition to revealing the partnership, the companies launched a technical paper which provides instructions for developers looking to start working with ANAFI drones. The documentation explains, step by step, how to add artificial intelligence and computer vision functions to drones using the Ground SDK development kit, which is distributed openly by Parrot. In the video below, you can see an example of the technology in use to recognize elements in a field.

With the novelty, the expectation of the companies is that more artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions arrive for Parrot drones, guaranteeing more options for consumers and companies.

"We are excited to explore the immense capabilities that AI and drones will offer our customers through our ongoing partnership with RIIS. At Parrot, we are always looking for innovative solutions to solve the daily problems of our corporate partners."
– Jerome Bouvard, director of strategic partnership at Parrot

According to DroneDJ, Parrot also intends to intensify the corporate use of drones with the partnership, a positioning that began last year. According to the website, the manufacturer intends to encourage the use of its drones for practices such as crowd monitoring, warehouse inventory counts and automated inspections. "Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning applications with Parrot drones promises to provide previously impossible solutions to costly and time-consuming problems," explains Godfrey Nolan, CEO and founder of RIIS.

Via: DroneDJ


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