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Opinion | Medallions fight fair battle, but against the wrong "enemy"

by Ace Damon
Opinion | Medallions fight fair battle, but against the wrong "enemy"

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic in the midst of major comic book-inspired productions, not just for Joker's phenomenal performance at the box office and critics, but for a series of free critiques by directors devoted to the "genre" of superheroes. It's even left to Jennifer Aniston, who doesn't have as heavy a resume as the directors, but has gained a lot of spotlight from Friends' birthday week.

Opinion | Medallions fight fair battle, but against the wrong "enemy" This text is a mix of analysis with opinion, so be able to disagree in the comments – politely, of course.

Well, let's look back at the statements that have polished the movie world in recent weeks:

During the outreach interviews for his new film, "The Irishman," Martin Scorsese said: "I don't see (the hero films). I tried, you know? But that is not cinema. Honestly, the closest I can think of them, no matter how well done, with the actors doing their best under the circumstances, are the theme parks. It's not the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional and psychological experiences to another human being. ”

A few days later, he remarked on the subject: “Marvel movies turn theaters into amusement parks, they are different experiences. Like I said before, this is not cinema, it's different. Whether you like it or not is another point and we should not be overrun by it. This is good and it's fine for those who like this kind of movie. By the way, knowing what happens to them now, I admire what they do. Not my kind of entertainment, just not. It's creating another kind of audience that thinks cinema is that. And so it is a big question. We need movie theaters to impose themselves to allow narrative films to be shown. ”

Opinion | Medallions fight fair battle, but against the wrong "enemy"

Enjoy to watch:

In Lyon, after receiving the Prix Lumière, director Francis Ford Coppola was even more incisive: “When Martin Scorsese says Marvel movies are not cinema, he is right because we hope to learn something from cinema, earn something, (get) some enlightenment, knowledge, inspiration. I don't know what anyone gets by watching the same movie over and over. Martin was kind when he said it's not cinema. He didn't say he was despicable, which is what I think he is. ”

He took the opportunity to talk about Megalopolis, a utopian movie that has been in the queue for over twenty years: “I wanted to make a movie about a human expression of what paradise on earth really is. I'd say it's the most ambitious movie I've ever worked on. More than ‘Apocalypse Now‘. That is the problem".

Opinion | Medallions fight fair battle, but against the wrong "enemy"

Finally, eternal Rachel Green Jennifer Aniston commented in an interview with Variety that: “You see (the roles) that are available out there and realize that (the options) are getting smaller and smaller. We only have big Marvel movies or things I'm not invited to. To tell the truth, I really have no interest in living on a green screen. ”

Opinion | Medallions fight fair battle, but against the wrong "enemy"

Jennifer Aniston says she has no interest in acting in superhero movies

Well, seeing the situation in a very simple way, it can be noted that none of them, except Coppola, has a tantrum even with Marvel. Coupled with an elitist view that entertainment is not art and the idea that boldness is not valued in Hollywood, they are finding themselves increasingly far from being able to do what they like.

Remember that Scorsese has already made strong statements against Streaming services. In 2017, shortly after signing the deal with Netflix that allowed him to do “The Irish”, the director attended a question session in London and was very critical of streaming: “The problem now is that everything around the frame is distracting. You can watch a movie on an iPad. You can put it right next to your face in the bedroom, lock the door and watch, but still something stays shining here and there. Even when you are watching on a large TV, there are other things in the room. The phone rings. People come and go. Not the best way. ”

Despite having his project funded by Netflix, the director retained the old-school stance of criticizing the format. Joining him at the time was fellow veteran Steven Spielberg, who signed an exclusive streaming deal with Apple in 2019. That is, the principles of the directors are directly linked to how the market works. And this is where the whole mess comes in.

Opinion | Medallions fight fair battle, but against the wrong "enemy"

Steven Spielberg during 'Number 1 Player' recordings

Recent criticism is for a distressing cry of cry: "We want to work!" While targeting offensive verbiage to hero films, the great need common to these directors and actors is the funding of their projects. Disney's purchase of FOX has created an economic bubble never seen before in movie history. It's a scary entertainment monopoly. And as they are at the top, they end up being the goal to be met by rival studios, financially speaking, of course.

So, as insensitive and disrespectful as these legends may be to the cinema, the problem is purely marketable. Why is a studio going to fund an "art" movie that earns a maximum of $ 300 million if you can produce feature films that will make $ 1 billion? It's cruel, but that's how the market works.

Their complaint is completely consistent in the sense of market criticism, but bumping into elitism may not be the most effective way to attract investors to your projects. These seemingly hateful speeches cry out for help but hit the wrong “enemy”: young directors. By attacking hero films, the medallions try to close the biggest door to the promises of the international leadership.

Guardians of the Galaxy franchise director James Gunn made a surgical comment on his Instagram about the case: “Many of our grandparents thought all gangster movies were the same thing, often calling them 'sleazy'. Some of our great-grandparents thought the same as Westerners, and believed that John Ford, Sam Peckinpah, and Sergio Leone films were exactly the same. I remember a great-uncle I was rambling about with Star Wars. He responded by saying: 'I saw that when it was called 2001 (A Space Odyssey) and boy was it boring!' Superheroes are simply the space gangsters / cowboys / adventurers of today. Some hero movies are horrible, others are beautiful. Just like gangster or western movies (which are first of all just MOVIES) not everyone will be able to appreciate them, including some geniuses. And it's fine. ❤️ ”

Opinion | Medallions fight fair battle, but against the wrong "enemy"

James Gunn has been an active voice on social networks defending superhero movies

James knows that the phase of Hollywood heroes is fleeting, just as many other genres have experienced a similar situation. For him, one of the great exponents of the Film Heroic Age, is an extremely uncomfortable situation. It must be hard to see your idols struggling to get funding for your projects and thinking that it is by tapping the work of others that they will achieve something. But still, he is quite lucid about the case.

On the bright side, hero films and big franchises are opening more and more space for lesser-known directors to showcase their work. That's how it was with the spectacular Ryan Coogler, who got the spotlight with Creed and made one of the most ethnically inclusive movies of all time: Black Panther. The same is true of Taika Waititi, who already had spectacular independent comedies in the curriculum, but only gained public attention after directing Thor: Ragnarok. Today, Taika is plagued by very positive reviews with a comical movie about a child advised by Adolf Hitler, Jojo Rabbit. And guess what: likely contender next season of awards.

Opinion | Medallions fight fair battle, but against the wrong "enemy"

Taika Waititi promises to be a big name in provocative comedies

What is certain is that we live in a time of financial uncertainty. This is clear in any work sector. Jobs are increasingly scarce and companies are increasingly looking exclusively for profit. Who knows how to make more money will undoubtedly have more projects approved. In addition, youth seems to have a slight advantage over older people because of the need for renewal.

This Disney / FOX monopoly issue is really worrying and will still yield a lot of sleeves. It is an unfair competition that dictates the direction of the market and closes the door to medallions and so-called "art films". Finally, the directors' complaint is a sign that the water in the market is beating around the necks of the big names, who find themselves suffocating for money to express their pulsating creativity. But it is not by adopting an elitist speech that they will get their breath to survive. Alternatives must be sought while the solution is not forthcoming, and big opportunities are open to everyone.

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