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North Korea threatens to resume atomic and intercontinental missile tests

by Ace Damon
North Korea threatens to resume atomic and intercontinental missile tests

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has threatened to resume long-range nuclear missile testing, suspended during talks with the United States, revealing that a "new strategic weapon" will soon be deployed. .

At the fifth plenary meeting of the current Central Committee of the Workers Party, Kim Jong-un said there was no reason to preserve the measure activated since 2018 by North Korea's capital Pionyang on the testing of weapons of mass destruction, whereas there was a lack of proposals from Washington, the US capital.

The words of the North Korean leader, reproduced today by state agency KCNA, represent a major setback in denuclearization negotiations.

Despite threatening to resume atomic and intercontinental missile testing, Kim Jong-un left an open door for dialogue, noting that Pionyang's increased nuclear capacity is dependent on the "future US attitude" towards North Korea.

This year, the North Korean leader chose not to give a new year's speech, but today posted a message on the assembly page.

In the message, Kim said Washington responded to the regime's moratorium with military exercises conducted in conjunction with Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and with new sanctions.

"Under these conditions, there is no longer any basis for us in maintaining this unilateral commitment (to suspend arms testing) any longer," said Kim Jong-un, addressing the North Korean party elites.

"Hostile acts and the nuclear threat against us are increasing," warned the North Korean leader, according to state agency KCNA, stating that "the world will witness a new strategic weapon held by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. in the near future ".

With the "new strategic weapon", Kim probably referred to a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

The North Korean regime recently conducted two tests that may be new engines for the ICBM.

Pionyang declared a self-imposed moratorium on ICBM nuclear tests and launches in April 2018, a gesture that helped convene the first summit between Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump in Singapore.

At the June 2018 meeting, the two countries pledged to "work towards the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula."

However, during 2019, Pionyang underlined its impatience for the lack of real substantial progress since the meeting held a year and a half ago.

The regime, he emphasized, in recent months has given the White House until the end of 2019 to bring new proposals to the negotiating table.

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