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North Korea fired missile from submarine

by ace

North Korea confirmed on Wednesday that it launched a new missile from a submarine and called this test "an important achievement" in the face of threats from "outside forces."

Pyongyang's official agency, the KCNA, confirmed the information that was released by South Korea about launching a ballistic missile from a submarine, although it did not disclose details about its trajectory.

KCNA also explained that this is the third version of its Pukguksong (Polar Star) missile and said the launch was made from Wonsan Bay on the east coast of North Korea.

South Korean military sources announced on Wednesday that North Korea fired at least one projectile off its east coast, in what appears to be a demonstration of growing military capability before nuclear talks with the United States.

The launch comes after a senior North Korean diplomat said North Korea and the US had agreed to return to nuclear dossier negotiations. Negotiations have been stalled for months after the collapse of a summit between North Korean leaders Kim Jong Un and US Donald Trump over disagreements over the disarmament lifting of sanctions.

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