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North Korea confirms new missile launcher test

by Ace Damon
North Korea confirms new missile launcher test

North Korean news agency confirmed that the country conducted, on Thursday (28), another test with a large launcher

north korea weapons test

North Korea confirmed on Friday that it had tested a major multiple missile launcher on Thursday and that the country's dictator Kim Jong-un was present at the test.

On Thursday, the North Korean regime fired two shells with the new system from near the coastal town of Yeonpo in the province of South Hamgyong on the east coast of the country. The goal was to pressure the US to reopen negotiations.

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The missiles flew about 380 kilometers to the east and peaked at about 97 km / h, according to South Korean military authorities, before falling into the waters of the Japan Sea.

The state news agency "KCNA" reported that, in addition to Kim Jong-un, key figures from the regime's weapons of mass destruction program were present at the test, as Deputy Director of the Machine Building Department Kim Jong -sik, and the president of the Academy of Sciences for National Defense, Jang Chang-ha.

The northern dictator expressed great satisfaction with the test, which, according to the agency, "certified the military and technical superiority of this weapon system."

It was the 13th weapon test conducted by North Korea in 2019, the fourth in which this launcher is believed to be a 600mm diameter system. The other three took place on August 24, September 10, and October 31.

Dialogue stopped with the US

Thursday's test looks set to force Washington to accept new conditions in the disarmament dialogue, which has been stalled since the beginning of this year.

Bilateral negotiations have not progressed since the failed February summit in Hanoi, where the US considered Pyongyang's offer to dismantle its nuclear assets insufficient and refused to suspend economic punishment.

The two sides met in early October in Stockholm, but the meeting ended with North Koreans accusing Washington of offering nothing new and maintaining an active "hostile policy" against them.

North Korea pointed out that the White House has until the end of the year to amend its proposals, and experts believe that if no progress is made, the regime could conduct further testing of weapons, especially medium-range missiles, from January.

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