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New Year's Resolution

by Ace Damon
New Year's Resolution

I think a lot of people ask themselves the question: Why does a year have 365 days? Why is the day 24 hours? Why the Olympic Games happen every 4 years?

One possible answer is because human beings need to ascribe meaning to things that seemingly cannot be explained. And so it is possible to understand why utopias, religions, rituals in different parts of the world, in different languages, emerged over the thousands of years that mark human existence on the planet.

The new year, for example. Why such a commotion at the end of one day and the beginning of another? In part of the world we are about to end 2019 after the birth of Christ. This is because such a pope determined it after some adjustments over the centuries. And some think this is an absolute truth. But there are so many calendars that have the beginning of time marked by other ephemerides. This clearly indicates that the world is multiple, even though there is a determination to enforce the viewpoint of those who hold the force.

New Year is time to make plans. They say we usually do that because it's easy to fill a pot that's empty … I remember a story of Uncle Scrooge as a kid and the old millionaire's new year's resolutions. Of course for him all his resolutions revolved around the greater accumulation and exploitation of his nephews. And on their part the resolutions were about surviving in the midst of building a miserly uncle. That story was in my memory, perhaps because I saw in my own family all the mobilization for a party that began on December 31st: new clothes, lots of food, and the opportunity to gather the near and far. And by the first part of it all was over, except the food produced in disproportionate quantity for a party that lasted so short. And from now on there were another 300 and so many days absolutely similar to others that have passed.

So, following tradition, let's go to resolutions.

The first of these is that in the year of the Olympic Games my attention will continue to be devoted to the history of people, those forgotten over three and a half years, not just their results. This means humanizing women and men who devote their lives to sport, removing them from the status of temporary stars.

The second concerns the effort to treat sport as a phenomenon that involves culture and education. By 2020 it will take a lot of work to prevent this condition from being lost or forgotten. Perhaps this will fulfill the condition of inalienable good guaranteed by the Constitution.

The third is not to turn off the radio until that marvelous song has finished playing, nor to pass a beat before the setting sun tinting the clouds orange and purple. I include here attention to all dogs that smile at me with their tails or the cats that purr me.

Other projects can still be included in these resolutions, as the 2020 blank page is just starting to fill. And as Marcio Borges wrote, "other October will come, other mornings, full of sunshine and light …"

Anyway. Special days mark our lives because they set parameters for new events and other moments of our existence. And so we just stop being led to also alter the course of our trajectory by imposing our own desires and wishes. And it is this movement that makes us protagonists of the history and society in which we live. And that is why nothing will be as before.



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