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New Year Leaves Hope for Better Football

by Ace Damon
New Year Leaves Hope for Better Football

The year 2019 ends with Guardiola praising Zidane and getting back the highest regards. Real Madrid coach refers to Manchester City Catalan as “the best coach in the world.” The two will face each other in the last 16. Champions League, in February.

The draw triggered the meeting between the most revolutionary coach of today, Guardiola, against the most winner. No one before Zidane has conquered three times in a row the european tournament.

That did not make Zidane the most praised and extraordinary coach on the planet. In four years of career, won three times the Champions and one League of Spain. He may be the winner, but he is not a transformer like Guardiola.

The year 2020 seemed to create the duel between result and performance, as if we were going back to 1982. It has long been said that Brazil's defeat of Telê Santana caused the cult of soccer results, noting that in the 1974 and 1978 World Cups the team played pragmatically, lacking brilliance and charm.

Without the defeat at Sarrià, there might not have been 1992 São Paulo de Telê Santana, world champion with art against Barcelona de Cruyff, also charming. In the history of our football, 2019 may be the year of rediscovering pleasure, as if Jorge Jesus bring mirrors to seduce the Indians.

There was charm in this Brazil of decline and extremists. Had already had with Santos de Neymar in 2010, the 2013/2014 Cruise, the Renato Guild in 2017.

Perhaps this 2019 Flamengo reminds us that attack strategies need to be worked out, rather than repeating the battered "last third, player solves" speech.

There is no more room for that. Even if an ace suddenly solves a game, you need to rehearse situations to make it happen instead of waiting for a moment of inspiration. Football, like everything else in life, is much more sweating.

The year that ends on Tuesday (31) also leaves the speech of the Portuguese about the good in this land where, as Pero Vaz de Caminha wrote, in planting everything gives. Jorge Jesus says that he found passion here. Counterpoint to what many of us have repeated in recent years, which is no longer a football country. Jesus thinks so.

Jesualdo Ferreira swears that the Brazilian It is the worst league in the world and explains the worst word as “the hardest.” It took someone from Portugal, not to teach us football, but to remind us that it takes work to play well and, moreover, that there are good ones. Stuff here.

Brazil is the country of football played on the streets, wastelands, on the shores of beaches and rivers. More than watched in stadiums like Maracana, Mineirão, Morumbi, Allianz Park, Itaquera … This country ended 2019 with an outline of what can be done.

For Flamengo's defensive setup and attacking strategy, the teaching that goal-seeking also requires tactics. By the full stadiums, highest average audience in 36 years. There is so much to do. But 2019 leaves hope that much can be done.

New palm trees

O Palm trees will be strong by 2020. But it prioritizes the rebalancing of accounts before hiring. Bet correctly on the mix between home-grown and experienced young people. This youth could have come before, other than in the emergency.

Little thing

The direction of Sao Paulo says Fernando Diniz diagnosed that the team needs little. It means you will hire little. Given the amount of change in recent years, you may be right. Curious that the diagnosis comes when the market is bad.

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