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New Commons Speaker urges PM to give Bercow a peerage

by Ace Damon
New Commons Speaker urges PM to give Bercow a peerage

Boris Johnson must honor the tradition and make former House of Commons president John Bercow a lord, his successor suggested.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle said the prime minister must stick to the convention for over 200 years.

So far, Bercow has been denied ennoblement following the government's fury due to his "tendency" to Brexit.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle competes in the election of the speaker. Photo: © UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor
Sir Lindsay Hoyle got the best job at Septeber. Photo: © UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor

Sir Lindsay, who took office in November, supported his former boss by being elevated to the Lords.

"My opinion is that all the speakers were given a pair, so custom and practice say that's what always happened – I wouldn't break that custom and practice," he told Pienaar Politics on BBC Radio 5.

"My vision is personalized and practical, always offered, need not be taken.

"I think that personally, if that's what always happens, we should continue with that.

"My opinion is that this should personally be offered to him.

"He served at home, served for 10 years, did great things – and that's the difference."

The convention is that a common Commons speaker always joins you

Normally, the first act of any new parliament following the resignation of a Commons President is to approve an offer from Downing street to immediately place them in the Lords.

But Bercow has not received the honor after nearly a year of stories about government sources threatening not to continue the convention.

Last month, Commons leader Jacob-Rees Mogg suggested that he thought the prime minister should give Bercow a pair.

He urged Johnson to "overcome the here-today-gone-tomorrow disagreements" with the former occupant of the office "and calls himself" a great believer in conventions. "


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