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National team will miss teams in up to 10 Brazilian rounds in 2020

by Ace Damon
National team will miss teams in up to 10 Brazilian rounds in 2020

The CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) announced on Thursday (3) the calendar of its competitions in 2020. The announcement underscores the fact that there will be no more coincidence between the so-called FIFA dates, reserved for the national team matches, and the national departures.

The entity's schedule, however, provides that the Brazilian will be played during the Copa America, between June 12 and July 12, with headquarters divided between Argentina and Colombia. During the period, there are 10 Serie A games. Teams with players who have been called up to Brazil or other South American teams will not be able to count on them during the period.

At latest edition of continental tournament, held in Brazil this year, Nacional stopped. With this, teams were not lost.

CBF points out that in the other matches of the selection in the year, there will be no overlap of dates. There will be five FIFA periods, with a total of ten games for the team – with eight World Cup qualifying appointments for 2022 and two friendly preparations for the Copa America.

During these periods, Brazil usually plays sequentially on Friday and Tuesday. There will be no Brazilian rounds on the weekend between these matches. And the promise is that teams with athletes called in will take the field on the subsequent fifth, not the fourth.

Even this timeframe, however, can be complicated, since almost all the friendly matches are made outside Brazil. Matches against Senegal and Nigeria next week, for example, will be played in Singapore, Asia, with an 11-hour time difference from Brasilia.

There are also the yellow-green grassroots teams that are causing embezzlement and will continue to do so by 2020. The Tokyo Olympics football tournament will be played between July and August, during a period that will feature Brazilian matches and quarterfinal duels and semifinals of the Brazil Cup.

“We are committed to improving the Brazilian football calendar more and more and are doing so with dialogue and firm goals. With that, everyone wins: clubs, federations and the Brazilian team ”, said the president of CBF, Rogério Caboclo.

The date issue was a subject in the last call made by the Brazilian team. Tite was irritated by the questions about have called for friendly players like Weverton from Palmeiras and Rodrigo Caio and Gabigol from Flamengo, whose teams are in dispute for the leadership of the Brazilian.

“We have definitely been able to release FIFA dates so that club and national team matches don't overlap. We can't compete with ourselves, ”said Caboclo, who did not comment on the fact that the Brazilian calendar does not stop during the Copa America.

By 2020, there will be a decrease in the period for the state championships, which had 18 dates to 16. Series D, in response to a claim from smaller clubs, grew from 16 to 26 dates.

The CBF also confirmed the return of the Brazilian Super Cup, played between the Brazil Cup winner and the Brazilian champion of the previous year. In 2020, this match will be held on January 19, in a single game. One of the participants will be Athletico-PR, which awaits the winner of the Brazilian Championship. The location will still be set.

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