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Motorola starts testing Android 10 on One Zoom and Moto G8 Plus in Brazil

by Ace Damon

Motorola started to carry out the final tests of the update for Android 10 on the Motorola One Zoom and Moto G8 Plus right here in Brazil. It has been a long time since the manufacturer has placed our country among its main markets and it is not the first time that the update for a new Android is considered here first for some of its models that are more successful among Brazilians. It is not for nothing then that the “soak test” for Android 10 is being done for One Zoom and Moto G8 Plus here.


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“Soak test” is how it is known to test a new version of Android in which the manufacturer distributes the update to only a few devices, in an invitation system. It is a way to have some end users test the update before it actually starts being distributed to the public. This type of testing is usually done when the cell phone manufacturer considers the update practically ready, so it shouldn’t be long now for Android 10 to start shipping automatically for all Motorola One Zoom and Moto G8 Plus.

This type of test is done in the form of invitations, in which the user has to accept before receiving the update, so hardly your device would have updated without you knowing it. But, for those who want to be sure if it is like Android 10 as part of the “soak test” or not, just check the settings of the smartphone, the system update tab. Below the screenshots show how the information will appear, One Zoom on the left and Moto G8 Plus on the right.

Source: XDA-Developers


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