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Microsoft will separate optional updates on Windows 10 from 2020

by Ace Damon
Microsoft will separate optional updates on Windows 10 from 2020

Earlier this year Microsoft announced that it would start making some changes in Windows 10 to give the user more freedom and improve their experience using the operating system. One of the main changes would be the possibility of postpone required updates for up to 35 days, allowing your customers to choose the best time to install update and have more control over the active versions on their computer.


The new system should serve as the foundation for the company's new generation of products.

To show that they are really willing to listen to their huge community, the team responsible for the Windows Insider Program released a note stating that from 2020, the feature that allowed them to choose to install optional updates on system will come back.

That is, optional updates such as drivers, features, news, and enhancements will no longer be linked to the required (security) updates and the user will be able to choose when and whether to install them.

Not only will this change give more freedom to those using the Microsoft operating system, but it will also prevent people from suffering incompatibility issues and failed forced updates.

The new feature marks the return of the feature that was dropped in Windows 10 and allowed the user to receive update notifications and choose what would be installed.

Unfortunately it will still be necessary to wait until next year for the feature to be made available to everyone. Implementation is expected to take place in version 20H1, scheduled for release in the first half of 2020.

For now, the first tests are being done by Windows Insider subscribers, and in the first images released by BleepingComputer, you can see how the change will be implemented. We should not expect major changes to the update screen, just adding an option to view optional updates.

Some of the features must be enabled manually in the Windows configuration tab, otherwise updates will continue to be automatic.

Microsoft also promises that the update will bring improvements to the experience of users using Bluetooth-enabled peripherals and will bring several fixes and enhancements pointed out by the community. For a complete list of news, visit the official note in this link here.

Via: Adrenaline, Bleepingcomputer Source: Microsoft
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