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Mi Surface Display: Xiaomi 144Hz Monitor Gets 29-Inch Version

by Ace Damon

Every month we report dozens of products from Xiaomi, the Chinese giant that is well known for smartphones, but definitely doesn't live on them alone. The company now announces that it is working on a 144Hz, 29 inch ultrawide curved monitor, no doubt a device that catches the eye. The monitor, according to the rumor commented by the site Gizmochina, follows the name Mi Surface Display and has the same characteristics of the top model presented in October, the only difference is the size, this is 29 and 34 inches.

Although smaller, the technologies applied are the same, so we can expect it to have a 3440×1440 resolution (UWQHD) VA panel at a 1500R curvature and, of course, the 144Hz refresh rate. It also features AMD FreeSync technology, which should be a differentiator for those looking for high-performance gaming as it avoids an image synchronization problem known as tearing during matches. A short image response time of 4 milliseconds is expected, following the same standards as the larger device.

Xiaomi launches Mi Surface Display,
144Hz ultrawide curved monitor

If you follow the larger model at all, this new Xiaomi monitor will also have magnetic adjustment to facilitate tilt and height adjustments, making the line of sight more comfortable for the user. Among the connections, we can expect the already traditional HDMI and at least one DisplayPort.

Please note that these specifications are based on recent rumors that Xiaomi is working on this new monitor and that it follows the specifications of the larger 34 inch version. Therefore, there is no official technical information yet, but it should be confirmed soon. Anyway, the price of this monitor should be very attractive, since the 34 inch was launched for $ 350 (~ $ 1480), ie the lowest should come for an even lower price. From a design standpoint, the look of this new Xiaomi monitor should have thin edges and come in black.

Via: Gizmochina Source: Adrenaline
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