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Mi Band 5 should come with SpO2 measurement, menstrual cycle tracking and more …

by Ace Damon
Mi Band 5 should come with SpO2 measurement, menstrual cycle tracking and more ...

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  • Rumors say Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will bring heart rate tracker with SpO2 measurement
  • It will also bring technology to track the menstrual cycle
  • The global version is expected to have NFC, but is not yet confirmed
  • The global model should also integrate Amazon's Alexa assistant
  • The bracelet should be presented in China in June and the global model should arrive soon after

Some rumors have started to appear about Xiaomi's next smart bracelet, the Mi Band 5. The bracelet should bring some extra features to monitor health, which were not present in the previous units. One is the tracking of the menstrual cycle. The heart rate tracker with SpO2 measurement, which is the oxygen saturation in the blood, has also been improved.

The international version is expected to support NFC, which is currently exclusive to Chinese models. Despite this, this has not yet been confirmed and it is rumored that Xiaomi will not yet add the technology to models sold outside the Chinese market. Some rumors mention that there is a Mi Smart Band 5 version with the model number XMSH11HM, while the Mi Band 5 rugular model has the number XMSH10HM.


Smart bracelet is an excellent entry wearable

According to rumors, the Smart Band should bring support to the personal assistant. Amazon Alexa should be highlighted. These specifications were already present in previous models of the bracelet, but were exclusive to China. The microphone for the assistant worked only with Xiao, in Chinese, without the option to change the assistant.

The Assistant must not answer by voice, as there are no speakers on the bracelet. This indicates that all responses will be in text. Choosing to place Alexa guarantees that the range of supported languages ​​will be expanded. It has support for languages ​​spoken in America, India, much of Europe, as well as Japanese. This may mean that this model with Alexa is the international one.

Rumors further indicate that Xiaomi will equip the Mi Band 5 with a larger screen. Current models have a 0.95-inch viewing space, which is a very small size. If the information is confirmed, your display will increase to 1.2 inches.

The first model is expected to be presented to the Chinese market in June. Xiaomi has not yet officially spoken on the dates. The global model, that is, outside of China, should arrive a few months after the official announcement of the company.

Via: GSM Arena


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