Meghan Markle Diet & Workout: 5 Facts

Meghan Markle Diet & Workout: 5 Facts

Meghan Markle is a beautiful woman with a slim and athletic physique. That has a lot of people wanting to know: What is Meghan Markle’s diet and workout secrets?. Markle, 36, is walking down the aisle to marry Prince Harry on May 19, 2018. With the eyes of the world upon her, some have commented that she lost even more weight (and she definitely didn’t need to do so).

She’s a health food advocate who enjoys exercise. She’s also advocated for the benefits of a balanced lifestyle, though. Everything in moderation – including moderation. She touts the principle she called “lifestyle eating” to avoid binge eating. Here’s what you need to know:. Meghan Markle Once Sang the Praises of Chia Seeds & Starts the Day With Water & Lemon.

Before Meghan Markle was set to marry a Prince, she was a lifestyle blogger. Her blog was called The Tig. She deleted it awhile ago, but not before other websites saved copies of her writings. Refinery29 has a listing of Meghan’s health tips from her blogger days.

For one, she wrote that she was bored with kale. “Yeah, sure, kale, we know. From salads to popsicles to Beyonce’s T-shirt, kale has seemingly taken over,” she wrote. “And I’m bored with it.” According to Refinery29, though, she sang the praises of Chia seeds, writing, “There’s just nothing like a chia seed bowl to get you feelin’ happy, healthy, and whole before you skip out the door.” The post was accompanied by a recipe for chia seed pudding.

Meghan described her diet to The Chalkboard, saying she “would begin her day with hot water and lemon, followed by a breakfast consisting of a Clean Cleanse vanilla shake with blueberries, or an acai bowl with fresh berries, honey, and Manuka honey. ” She eats sashimi with white rice for many lunches. For a snack, she enjoys eating almonds and almond butter.

She also pairs apples with the almond butter sometimes. She also drinks green juice made from apple, kale, spinach, ginger, and lemon, according to Everyday Health. Meghan Enjoys Practicing Yoga. Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, is a yoga instructor as well as a social worker. Meghan is also a fan of yoga. “She thanks her instructor mother for introducing her to the practice when she was seven.

It is said that her preferred styles include ‘intense’ vinyasa and Moksha, a form of hot yoga, and of course – the Pilates,” reports Times Now News. Meghan told Women’s Health UK: “I love an intense vinyasa class—and even better if it’s blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight.

” Food Network reported that “she’s been spotted in London recently with her yoga mat in tow, so it’s safe to say that she still practices regularly. “Markle has also spoken about being a devotee of Megaformer Pilates as well as Tracey Anderson’s workout DVDs, especially her leg and ab workouts,” Coach Nine reports.

Meghan Goes Vegan During the Week But Advocates Balance. FoodNetwork notes that Meghan once stated that she attempts to “eat vegan during the week,” and has a “little bit more flexibility” during the weekends. “So she’s not strictly vegan, and she likes to indulge herself two days a week, particularly with treats of fries, wine and ice cream,” Food Network reports.

Meghan Markle Diet & Workout: 5 Facts
SUITS — “Derailed” Episode 414 — Pictured: Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

The site quotes Meghan as saying, “But at the same time, it’s all about balance. Because I work out the way I do, I don’t ever want to feel deprived. I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things. It’s not a diet; it’s lifestyle eating.” Meghan drinks a lot of water: 2 litres a day by one account.

Meghan Is a Runner. In addition to yoga and Pilates, Meghan enjoys running. “Running has always been my form of moving meditation, which I relish because it allows me to get out of my head. I also work closely with a personal trainer named Craig McNamee when I am filming Suits in Toronto,” she told Women’s Health UK. She once wanted to run a marathon, saying to Best Health, “As I’ve gotten older, running has become hard on my knees, so I can’t run outside the way I used to.

But I’m still planning to run a marathon!”. Meghan’s Healthy Eating Has Influenced Prince Harry to Get in Better Shape. Many have noticed that, since meeting Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has gotten a lot leaner. “Prince Harry has been hitting the gym with increased frequency, looking a little fitter than he did this time last year.

The former Army captain has been refining his diet, too. He revealed last fall that he had sworn off pizza…” People Magazine reported, attributing the change to Meghan’s influence. Meghan likes to shop at Whole Foods near Kensington Palace and she filled the couple’s refrigerator with healthy choices, according to People.

She doesn’t forgo meat all the time though; the couple revealed that Harry proposed after they made a roast chicken together in the cottage they share.

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