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Mavic Air 2 has limitations in Hyperlapse, recording speed and …

by Ace Damon
Mavic Air 2 has limitations in Hyperlapse, recording speed and ...

The new DJI Mavic Air 2 drone was launched just over two weeks ago and tests are already rolling around the world – unfortunately we haven't received it yet, we hope it happens soon. But despite being one of the best drones on the market and bringing great specifications, as it happens in most of the recently launched products, some problems are bothering those who received the drone "in the first wave", related to features and even the body of the drone, how the site reports DroneDJ.

8K Hyperlaps
Starting with one of the most prominent features, some users have been frustrated with Hyperlapse 8K. Apparently, the feature has no 4K option and "records" unstable hyperlapses even using a path where the drone does flight control. It is good to remember here that, technically, the Mavic Air 2 does not have an 8K camera, but rather a 48MP sensor that, from multiple photos, creates a final combined video in 8K. However, the quality has been shown to be lower than expected in some scenarios.

Hyperlapse works by combining photos to create a final video

One of the big problems is the "vibration" produced during the hyperlapse in 8K, which according to some reports does not exist if the pilot chooses 1080p. International reviews have explained that, even with reasonably light wind, the Air 2 cannot maintain a fluid line in the air. It goes up and down during the flight, leaving the final result "a little weird".

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New model arrives just over 2 years after its predecessor as one of the best drones ever launched

In addition, the minimum interval between each photo in Hyperlapse mode for 8K is 6 seconds, while at 1080p it drops to 2 seconds. If you think about it, it is part of the problem even "logical" and probably due to the software of the drone and the demand required to record an image at a much higher resolution.

Post image editing
Another question is when, once the video is made, the user tries to view it on the computer. In several video editors, the total number of photographs of the final product does not appear – so far, according to the youtuber who reported, Adobe Premiere Pro was the only one that managed to open everything correctly. To make the concept of hyperlapse even clearer: the final 8k video is composed of 48MP photos, which are four images in 12MP together.

8K video = X photos 48MP = 4X photos 12MP

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Finally, in this part, there is no 4K hyperlapse. As DroneDj (and some DJI Reddit users) mention, adding the 4K option would allow the drone to have an easier time processing images and still deliver a high quality end product. And let's face it, 4K is already quite a resolution …

No automatic exposure bracketing in 48MP mode
Going back a bit, the 48MP camera also has some limitations. For example, it is not possible to use 48MP automatic exposure bracketing with it – but in 12MP mode it is available.

Of course, the pilot can fix this manually, adjusting the exposure compensation for a series of shots. But this takes up more time than if it happened automatically on the camera and it is certainly not an option that most users will do, at least not on this drone.

1080p QuickShots only
Another situation that is receiving criticism is on the Mavic Air 2's QuickShot modes (pre-defined flight modes), which were limited to 1080p resolution 30fps (frames per second) at 35Mbps. Twitter user ZeroFGC asked a DJI representative about available resolutions, who replied that QuickShots can be taken in 1080p, 2.7K or 4K. But in practice, only the first one worked.

The Quadcopterguide youtuber also confirmed this limit, showing the Quickshots menu settings – in which there are 1080p, 2.7K and 4K options. However 1080p is permanently highlighted in light gray and it is not possible to select the other resolutions. Perhaps the other options will be activated in a future firmware or update of the DJI Fly App.

Mavic Air 2 has limitations in Hyperlapse, recording speed and ...

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120 Megabits per second (Mbps)
A third issue that, in practice, is slightly different is related to megabits per second, which will not always be 120Mbps. This rate surpasses even the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom models, which record at 100Mbps, but can be achieved only with higher frame rates, such as 50fps or 60fps. In the lower ones (24fps, 25fps and 30fps), the recording is also limited to 100Mbps.

Youtuber Quadcopterguide video shows some of the problems mentioned so far. Check it out below:

Finally, another problem shared on DJI Reddit is that some pilots are getting the Mavic Air 2 with scratches. ZeroFGC also published its drone out of the box with a dark mark on the front. Shortly afterwards, another Reddit user said he had pretty much the same problem.

The scratches do not seem to affect performance, but they certainly frustrate some people. This type of situation sometimes happens with the first batch of products, but they tend to disappear over time with corrections applied in the production process.

Gradually, most of these Mavic Air 2 problems must be solved. Of course, we will be able to speak more fully about what we think of the new DJI drone when we launch our own review.

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