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"Martin Scorsese can like and dislike what he wants," says Rian …

by Ace Damon
"Martin Scorsese can like and dislike what he wants," says Rian ...

The controversy surrounding acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese and Marvel films is not over yet.

During an appearance at the BFI London Film Festival, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson shared his thoughts on Scorsese's comments – and he thinks the filmmaker may or may not like what he wants.

"First of all, I think Martin Scorsese can like and dislike what he wants, and I think I always want to hear what Scorsese has to say about movies and hear his perspective on him," Johnson said.

Do you agree with him?

Understand the controversy

Martin Scorsese made harsh criticism of Marvel during an interview promoting his new movie, "The Irishman".

Asked by Empire magazine about his opinion of Marvel Studios films, he was categorical in saying:

Enjoy to watch:

“I don't see these movies. I even tried, you know? But this is not real cinema. Honestly, they are more like amusement parks than movies. However well done, even if the actors do their best, it is not something that conveys emotional and psychological experiences to another human being. ”

His speech reverberated in Hollywood, with directors Joss Whedon (‘Avengers‘) and James Gunn (‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘) publicly speaking about his speech via Twitter.

Recalling that the new Scorsese movie, "The Irishman", will be released in theaters on November 1, and hits Netflix on the 27th.

Watch the trailer:

Known as “The Irishman,” Frank Sheeran (De Niro) is a decorated war veteran who reconciles the life of a trucker with the number one mafia hitman. Promoted to union leader, he becomes the prime suspect when the association's most famous former president mysteriously disappears.

The cast features Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Ray Roman, Anna Paquin and Harvey Keitel.

"Martin Scorsese can like and dislike what he wants," says Rian ...

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