Marijuana: Drug Or Medicine?

by ace

The use of Cannabis sativa brings fear, doubts, problems, but also hope and well-being for people who have some diseases.

Let’s talk about marijuana.

Science already knows that some of the plant’s active principles help cancer patients manage their anxiety and feel less pain during chemotherapy. Another illness that can be ameliorated is epilepsy.

To talk about the dangers and benefits of the plant, Well Being hosted the psychiatrist Arthur Guerra de Andrade and neuroscientist Sidarta Ribeiro on Thursday.

Cannabis in Brazil

Currently, the plant is a controlled product in Brazil and is allowed to register products based on its active principles, but planting for research or medical purposes in the country is not yet regulated.

Marijuana Drug Or Medicine

A Senate committee recently approved the cultivation, but the bill is still pending in the House.

Only one drug, made out of the country, and high cost, is already on the market. It works against spasms associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

Anvisa has also authorized the exceptional import of products based on plant substances since 2014, for medical purposes, by prescription of a qualified professional for health treatment. Children with refractory epilepsy have been the most benefited.

The trade and recreational use of the plant is a crime in several countries. The STF can judge an appeal that will decriminalize the personal consumption of small quantities.

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Can Medical Cannabis be Used by All?

Not everyone can use. Depending on the patient, the composition, dosages, there may or may not be contraindications and adverse reactions.

The approved medicine can, for example, greatly improve the lives of patients with spasms, but in some cases bring dizziness, fatigue, euphoria, and depression as adverse reactions, as well as dependence.

It is good to always have the support of the health professional.

Brazil parents create an association to produce medicines from Cannabis – Cannabis League.

Parents from Paraíba, Brazil, gathered and got justice in the right to produce medicines from Cannabis to improve the health of their children. The union was born to Abrace, the Brazilian Association of Cannabis Hope Support.

For years, they have smuggled cannabis oil. The surplus was sent to patients across the country. Until, in May of this year, the Federal Court authorized the laboratory to cultivate and manipulate the plant for exclusively medicinal purposes and the use of patients with proven need.

Marijuana Drug Or Medicine

For Cassiano Teixeira, CEO of Abrace, it was a relief. “Justice has been fulfilled.

Today we are seeing the results of this, so it was very true what Justice did, give us a chance for us, parents, to unite and produce our own result, with an association, something that can account, with employees of signed wallet, so that we can have the solution and not play for the state” – he says.

Today Abrace produces oil, ointment, and spray that is distributed to around a thousand patients throughout Brazil.

Those who have conditions pay a fee of approximately $150 a month, much less than is charged for the remedy that comes from outside the country.

In a note, Anvisa clarifies that it authorizes only natural persons to import the cannabidiol-based product, for a limited period and with a limited amount prescribed by a physician.

The first Brazilian drug containing Cannabis sativa was registered by Anvisa in January of last year. Anvisa also informs that it follows the legislative discussions on the regulation of planting for medicinal or research purposes.

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Cannabis Makes a Difference in Cancer Treatment – Cannabis Helps Cancer Patients

Cannabis is making a difference in treating the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer patients.

Paula Dall Stella, scientific director of the Brazilian Association of Medicinal Cannabis Patients, explains that they have studies that prove beneficial action, for example, as a strong stimulant of appetite and hunger.

“There is a moment of the cancer treatment in which he goes through a lack of appetite, which is the lack of will to eat, and also in relation to the taste of food. The food loses its flavor. So besides he does not want to eat, the taste is altered, “he says.

Scientific research also proves that Cannabis helps control mood, alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety and even acts as an analgesic.

“She can do analgesia, which is often adequate, without the use of other substances, or sometimes she can get us to reduce the number of other drugs or reduce the number of milligrams, for example, opioids or other analgesics. I do not know any medication that has so many actions in one, “says Paula.



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