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Man rediscovers adolescent passion in the romance trailer

by Ace Damon
Man rediscovers adolescent passion in the romance trailer

The drama ‘A Love of the Past Br (Brampton’s Own) won subtitled trailer.

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The feature is written and directed by Michael Doneger.

Dustin is the city's baseball star who decides to drop everything, leave a lifetime behind, and pursue his dream of playing major league. Twelve years pass. Today playing in a team of the secondary division, he is rejected year after year, successively, by the great clubs of the country. Heartbroken and disillusioned with the sporting world, Dustin decides it's time to stop pursuing an illusion and abandon baseball for good. Back in his hometown, the now former player does his best to dodge questions about his career and the past, but can't get his old high school sweetheart Rachel out of his mind, whom he hopes to find and catch up with. lost. The problem is that the girl is already committed to the new dentist in town and the boy is not willing to give up his girlfriend so easily. To regain his passion and restart his life, Dustin will have to recover something that seems to have left behind – the meaning of family.

The cast features Alex Russel, Rose McIver, Jean Smart and Scott Porter.



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