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I know every person needs big rooms with all the essential things in it without letting the room look mess and if you are also searching for the same then let me tell you that you have made your way to the correct corner. Here are some ideas that you can adopt and make your small room look bigger, spacious and clean.

IDEA 1. 

Technology can also help you when you have less space in your room and still you want it look bigger. If you are ready to spend some good penny then this is definitely for you. Fold it up and make it a useful ceiling by making selves or open it, lower it down and make it your bed. Maybe the picture can help you out with this.

Make Your Room Look Bigger 1 Make Your Room Look Bigger 2


Mirrors can be your friend for making look your room bigger. Larger the mirror, bigger the room will look. You can use the mirrors anywhere. If you want to make your private rooms look bigger then its better to use the mirror wardrobe as it looks sophisticated and if you are using it in your living area then you can use big mirrors in the opposite ceiling of that of the windows or doors so that the mirror reflects the outer area and not the inner area of the room as it would avoid the creation of mess.

Make Your Room Look Bigger 3 Make Your Room Look Bigger 4

IDEA 3. 

Avoid putting your frames on the side of your bed on any table as it will take more space and will look a little messy. So its better to hang your pictures on the ceiling, above your bed as that gives a clean look and looks a little creative as well.Make Your Room Look Bigger 5


And how can we forget some artistic works. Some good 3D Paintings can also help your room look bigger as it gives unending look to your wall.
Make Your Room Look Bigger 6


Have a look down here in the two pictures. Those are same room but how organised and spacious the room looks in the second picture. All you need to take care that dark colors like black and brown makes the room look less spacious and dense while on the other hand the light colors like white and cream helps the room look much organised and also spacious.
Make Your Room Look Bigger 7Make Your Room Look Bigger 8




Make sure that you don’t use any extra furniture in your room until and unless its so important for you. As you can substitute your books table with the wall shelves and by this the ground space will be less used but you should keep in mind that the wall shelves requires much cleanliness otherwise it will look mess.

Make Your Room Look Bigger 9

Okay!! so that was it. I hope you loved it. I personally have chosen and installed the mirror cupboard idea in my room and it looks hell awesome but I need to be very careful towards it as I am asked to clean it thrice in a week. Also I will wait for your feedback.

P.S- All the pictures have been randomly taken from the google and its credit goes to the respective owners.


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This content belongs to the Source Link identified below, all rights are reserved.

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