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Lusodescending "yellow vest" says if "many things will happen"

by Ace Damon
Lusodescending "yellow vest" says if "many things will happen"

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Lusodescendant Jerome Rodrigues, one of the leading figures in the "yellow vests" movement, discovered that "many things will happen in Paris" on Saturday, the day of national mobilization.

On the eve of a year of intense and often violent protest actions alongside the "yellow vests" marches, both in Paris and in other French cities, it is not yet public which places will be covered this weekend. by the activists.

"I can't talk about what is going to happen, but a lot of things are going to happen," he told Lusa news agency Jerome Rodrigues, who was left without an eye after being hit by a police projectile at a previous demonstration of the "yellow vests".

More than six thousand confirmed presence through social networks

Despite maintaining a continuous presence every Saturday in Paris, the movement has lost strength and gathers only a few dozen people. But it seems to have regained its dimension in recent days, a year since the first demonstration: on social networks, more than six thousand people confirmed their presence in different protests on Saturday and Sunday.

Firstly, there is a new appeal for a protest in the Champs Elysées – one of the places where "vest" demonstrations are prohibited – an authorized protest on the left bank of the Seine and even an appeal to block the peripheral road around the capital. French

But Jerome Rodrigues, who participates in various groups set up on various social networks where protests are being combined, said these may not be the only moves, underlining that the "strategy" for this weekend is not to go into too much detail about the protest. that will happen.

The authorities have not yet unraveled all the security measures applied in the city, having only said that, in addition to the ban on protests in the Champs Elysées, they will also be banned at the National Assembly, at the Hotel Matignon (Prime Minister's residence), in the area around around the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

Several metro and train stations will be closed.

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